This is a very serious shirt, and I’m a very serious person

Posted: November 20, 2008 in internets, life
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And it snowed for the first time this year in Sendai. Fortunately, I managed to sleep through the most part of it (cf 冬眠), save for the the worst thirty minutes or so, when I commuted. BY BIKE. WE WERE NOT AMUSED. SO VERY NOT AMUSED. At least, I wasn’t late, but, but! My harried and coughing and otherwise red-faced state actually caused Prof T to embark upon a 30-minute diatribe on the dangers of influenza epidemies and overzealous students ignoring quarantine orders*. WE WERE NOT AMUSED. SO NOT AMUSED. Seriously, do I look masochistic? ‘Cause, it’s just a camouflage. Camouflage!

Also, I absolutely want Black Books now now now! Although, Bober, I do resent your remark that I remind you of Bernard. I might be an arsehole, BUT I’m actually NEAT. As in, you know, washing? Cleaning? Stuff. ( Mummy! Mummy! Use your magic credit card, plz! )

Have to do homeworkses still. Might decide not to. Want to drink the self into oblivion. Homeworkses first. Ugh.

*At least I learned how you say quarantine in Japanese. I totally, uh-huh, have it, uh, written down. Somewhere.

PS. LOL@RELIGIONS! LOL@POPE! (Although I might have to add, Catholics aren’t really like that. The pope says jump, they ask how high, but then they carry on having premaritial sex. Go Catholics! To lions!)

  1. Konfacela says:

    Have now worked my way down to the bottom of the stack :-( Sendai, you really should have started this blog much earlier…

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