Posted: November 23, 2008 in life

Today, I spent approximately eight hours riding my bike, getting lost, pretending that I didn’t get lost, and crowing with joy when it turned out that I didn’t get lost, after all. All of which will be elaborated upon when it’s not almost midnight, and when I don’t have a headache. Or is it headache that’s got me? I can’t quite say.

BUT. BUT. One thing has to be absolutely said: today, early in the morning, a bloody fucking cockroad jumped out of my aircon unit. ONTO MY CHAIR. On which I wasn’t sitting at the time, thank god. The rest is silence.

(Or, pretty close to it, as the cockroach-killing poison is a pretty sneaky bugger when used sneakily by a sneaky sneaky cockroach-hunting person, such as myself)

Two things come immediately to mind: this song and DUNKIRK! DUNKIRK!!!

(OMG, I do need to sleep NOW)


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