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Posted: November 27, 2008 in being evil
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Lately, I’ve been busy pining pining PINING, so I can’t sleep been having trouble falling asleep. Apparently there isn’t much I can do  about that, save for getting used to my new shiny shiny zombified state. NOT.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking how Freud, Marx and Nietsche are supposed to be the greatest thinkers of 20th century. Well, rubbish.

See, they’re just popular; they’re the philosophical equivalent of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne*. Just as likely as a thirteen year-old girl might be found humming Toxic on the bus on her way to school, a typically mentally deficient anthropologist might be found quoting The Ego and the Id to support his or hers typically misguided and poorly documented theories.

Who really matters is: Walter Benjamin (he’s like Billie Holiday doing Christina Aguilera’s covers) Karl Popper (you may agree with him or not, but in terms of practical applicability I really do not think his theory of potential falsifiability has any serious rivals), and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Now excuse me, I have to feel really really smug for a couple of hours.


*Freud being of course Britney.

  1. olwj says:

    coz, ostatnimi czasy w drodze do szkoly mrucze sobie rihanne. i jestem wielka fanka britney. milo wiedziec, ze moje narzekania na lebka zainspirowaly Cie tak dalece —> spodobalo mi sie Twoje porownanie chlopakow do lasek. jesli o mnie idzie, uparcie pomstuje na “nagie” shoty nietzschego przebranego za dionizosa. ostatnio pomstowalam na “nagie” shoty mishimy jako sw. sebastiana. napisz fragmenty mojej biografii, co watpliwsze kawalki bedziemy podpierac – rzecz jasna – freudem.
    a i wiesz, sartre jako jeden z nielicznych nie brzmi trywialnie, choc pisal po francusku. mysle, ze camus podobnie – gdyby pisal po niemiecku, bylby totalnie niestrawny.

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