bla bla blaaaaaah!

Posted: November 28, 2008 in life, weather
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It was raining all day. Now, if I were Dickens, I could probably turn this story into something heart-wrenching, something about oppression and poor people, and the oppression of poor people, and perhaps major historical events that end with bloodshed and more oppression of poor people.

But. Sadly, my take on rain?

It is also absolutely not conductive to not-sleeping, not-brooding, and not-being-late-for-your-classes.

(At least Sachiko Ide‘s book is totally awesome. I really really do hope she comes to Sendai with a lecture this year, so I could fangirl her. From afar.
At least until she files for a restraining order.)

  1. olwj says:

    it opressed my shoes too…

    szczesliwie, moja glowe uchronil moherowy czapon. mysle jednak o niedzwiadkowej uszance. saro, co powiesz na czapke z pedobeara, y/y? +_+

  2. atwitter says:

    czapka z pedobeara FTW.

    q: what would it do to little little girls?

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