Posted: December 6, 2008 in being evil, internets, life
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I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and. And. So much so, that my IQ is about two digits high now, probably.

Last week’s international party, which is something of  a monthly excuse to make the Japanese speak English surprisingly well, was a rather disturbing experience.  The Japanese – joined in some sort of creepy creepy creepy hive mind – kept saying things like “Sendaianonynous-chan! Kawaiiiiiiiiiii!”, and I distinctly remember some manly squealing. OVER MY HAIR.

I did try my best to impress upon them how absolutely scary scary bad bad bad person I was, but. They wouldn’t budge. They wouldn’t be convinced. They just kept FAWNING.

(Just remembering it makes me quiver in fear. QUIVER IN FEAR!)

There was also a completely surprising incident with some sort of, uh-huh, local television, I guess? I didn’t listen. And, uh-huh. Somebody was plying me with alcohol, too. Uh-huh. And, ohmigod, if the footage ever appears on the internets, I will commit suicide and take half the Sendai with me.

We’re making a movie, with pals from the Uni, for a class I’m taking. I am, of course, the fearless leader; I scream a lot and give, uh, inspired and well thought-out orders. I like it. I might become a movie director one day, when I’m bored with being a linguistic genius and a scary scary very very bad useless evil person.
(There are of course aliens. Haha! Sadly, no dinosaurs though.)


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