Posted: December 13, 2008 in being evil, internets, links
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The Uchuujin Movie’s almost done. There are photos.

I meant to talk about sanitary napkins and the Japanese’s ridiculous habit of wrapping them up in several layers of toilet paper-like wrapping stuff, which is ridiculous, because, yeah, I get it that they do it so that nobody sees that you bought some sanitary napkins YOU DISGUSTING MENSTRUATING WOMAN PERSON, but! Since the only thing they actually wrap up like that are the sanitary napkins, isn’t it a bit pointless? I mean, look! Wrapped up stuff! SOMEBODY MUST HAVE BOUGHT SANITARY NAAAAAAPKINS HERE! So. This is totally what I meant to write about, but the photo with which I meant to illustrate my point is lost somewhere in the deep recesses of my hard drive, so maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

In other news, this week’s linkses!

130 000 inflatable boobs at sea.

Kitschmas (I like the Hebrew keychain thing though)

Worst book ever

Happy Squidmas!

Santa will take you to hell! (Yes, please)

Oh, oh, gotta go, gotta go to have my pathetic semblance of a social life! Will write something totally smart and coherent later. Maybe.


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