When I’m sleepy and cantankerous and sleepy and irritated for no good reason at all, and sleepsleepsleep!

Posted: January 7, 2009 in life
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The sort of day I hate most?

When I pull a – welllll, not an all-nighter, a most-nighter, maybe – to finish my bloody presentation, even though I have to wake up before seven am, in which I succeed with my usual flair and lots of coffee and swearing, but not without failing to put on any make-up, and then, THEN it turns out that I shouldn’t have bothered, ’cause the prof? The prof spends 1.5 hour boasting about books he bought in Korea. And thus. There. Are. No. Presentations. Whatsoever.


I will sleep now and possibly read Pharyngula. NO MORE WORK. EVER. THE BITTERNESS. THE BITTERNESS!


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