There’s probably no God!

Posted: January 11, 2009 in atheism, fundamentalism, links, religion, wtf?
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I love this campaign, and I love the fact that they’ve got pink t-shirts. They should be sparkly pink t-shirts, but you can’t have everything, can you?

Anyway, this guy, who apparently thinks that bird’s poo landing on his shirt is totally a message from god, is now sueing the campaign on the grounds of false advertising. The claim that god probably doesn’t exist is supposed to be “unsubstantiated” and “misleading”, as according to the Birdshit Guy, no evidence pointing to the non-existence of god exists.

This is going to be so entertaining when the court tells him to stop advertising his own batshit crazy kook-group with unsubstantiated claims such as “ALL ATHEISTS WILL BURN IN HELL, WAH-WAH”.

Some people, they’re just asking for it. Also, lol, bird-poo.


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