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Posted: July 5, 2009 in atheism, internets, links
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I am sick and miserable, therefore, internets: the comprehensive, awesome, brilliant list of things you can do and / or read on the internets when you are bored, miserable, sick, sulking or all of the above:

A is for Atheist Nexus!

B is for:

1>> blogs. This is the comprehensive list of blogs Sendaianonymous diligently reads every morning:

Astrodicticum Simplex >> Bart >> Ed Brayton >> Evolution Blog >> Language Log >> Orac >> Pharyngula >> WO

2>> B also stands for BoingBoing, which, sadly, Sendaianonymous hasn’t got the time to read diligently every morning. Also, Sendaianonymous is not that interested in copyright issues. But, the pretty! But, copyright issues.

(On an afterthought, Sendaianonymous might actually have to find the time. PRETTY!)

C stands for Cute Overload. Kittens! (Beware the constant fapping in the comments). C is also for Concern Trolling at Creationists Websites (hush!).

D is for dictionaries! On the internets, it is enough if you know those three:

Ambrose Bierce’s Dictionary >> Angry Mob‘s Daily Mail Dictionary >> UrbanDictionary

E stands for ERV. E is also for e-books: sci-fi/genre e-books, e-books, more e-books, HPL e-texts.

F is for:

1>> Fashion! Susie Bubble’s got a cute blog and looks great in catsuits. Go fug yourself brings all the fug you need to make your eyes bleed (or not). There’s also Jezebel.

2>> Fail. There’s a lot of fail on the internets and IRL. The fail blog deals with some of the fail.

G is for:

1>> Grauniad, complete with its articles about experiments involving cats, with dubious methodology. Remember, guys, they’re just different (and cute).

2>> Goldacre, Ben and his Bad Science.

3>> Generators! Like the NK insults generator (pretty repetitive) or the TV Crime Fighting Idea generator for TV executives (pretty fantastic).

4>> Project Gutenberg, which will obligingly supply you with enough e-texts for several years of entertaining procrastination.

H is for HuffPo, but it’s full of woo, so no link, hah.

I stands for irritating flash games, like Chain Reaxion on Facebook or SNEEZE or Ginger Dawn. Irritating, and yet you can’t stop playing.

J is for disgusting Japanese porn.

K is for kittens. Kittens can be randomly generated, be cute and little, also randomly generated. This classification is comprehensive, exhaustive, and scientific, which means there are no other kittens than randomly generated, cute and little, and also randomly generated, although some scholars maintain an exception should be made for the awe-inspiring case of ceiling cat.

L is for lolcats. Remember, seven out of seven kittens have no intention of racing anywhere.

M is for:

1>> Memes! Not only of the Dawkinsian kind. Please fill out in case of butthurt. This comic, by explaining how memes don’t work, explains how they do work. Mysteriously, it might have something to do with cognitive science.

Also, erudite ferrets, aw.

2>> motivational posters, obviously NSFW.

N stands for 日本の形:寿司謝罪

O is for the Onion. Sendaianonymous also feels that the Onion videos deserve a special mention.

P stands for Partially Clips! Where you can read about religion, religion, egotic koalas, and religion. There are also other awesome things, but Sendaianonymous is admittedly biased in what makes her laugh.

(It’s mostly the egotic koalas, but they’ve been increasingly hard to find)

Some people could also possibly argue that P stands for penguins.

R is for:

1>> Research blogging YAY.

2>> Ravelry. Because very few things make a more entertaining combination than crocheting and wank.

3>> In order to avoid surprise!misogyny, surprise!rape, and other unpleasant surprises, romance fans engage in a mysterious and eldritch process of writing detailed reviews of the eldritch books they fancy and sacrifice virgins to. Because Sendaianonymous is not a fan of romance novels, or in fact, romance anything, she usually reads only the F and D-rated reviews, because they’re the funniest. Hullo thar, Dear Author! Thank you, Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels!

S is for ScienceBlogs! Skepchick! Superb!

T is for Trolling. No links included, because Sendaianonymous doesn’t want to get caught.

U is for unbelievably silly urban legends, nicely debunked at Snopes.

V stands for viral tubifex worm colony vid. It’s pretty disgusting, but then turtle frogs are absolutely adorable.

W stands for What’s The Harm, indeed. Invaluable in proving to people they’re fuckwitted and should STFU.

X is for XKCD. Unbelievably, people are sometimes wrong on the internets.

Y stands for youtube. There’re videos elsewhere, too, though.

Z is for Zaphod Beeblebrox, because Sendaianonymous says so.


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