Anatomical models, sexist ads, creepy ads, creepy sexist spanking ads (LINKSPAM YAY)

Posted: July 9, 2009 in art, links
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creepy enough?

creepy enough?

This is what I’ve got today!

1. This is why one has to read Dr. Isis from time to time, even when one can’t really read her everyday. By far, it’s been the sexiest spanking I’ve ever seen (what is even sexier: Dr. Isis’ smart braaains). Warning for fuckwitted sexist trolls in the comments.

2. Apparently, there are more creepy sexist ads on the BioEphemera (a cool blog, by the way, but, again, no time). There’s not enough DDD: in the world to express how utterly DDDDDD: I am.

3. Which leads us to  even more creepy, creepy ads, or, welcome to the fifties (well, mostly): 15 creepiest ads of all time at Retrocomedy, creepy ads at Weirdomatic (includes such gems as “Smoking is Believing”, and a manic boy eating worms tubifex worms spaghetti), the disturbing nipple-bra (EW), and Plan59, which has hundreds and hundreds of creepy vintage ads, which I don’t have the energy to rec one by one anymore.

4. And finally, to the point of the entry! BioEphemera has also an intriguing, but disturbing, and fascinating, but disturbing, and sort of awesome, but disturbing post about rather, well, artsy anatomic models of women, and pregnant women. This one has a removable foetus, apparently:

Removable foetuses! Yay!

Removable foetuses! Yay!

Actually, I secretly think they are rather pretty.

  1. Hold em coming… you all do this kind of a wonderful position at these Concepts… can’t tell you how considerably I, for 1 appreciate all you do!

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