Posted: July 30, 2009 in life
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The dialect survey begins tomorrow, and I’m on TEAM-NARUKO.

Let it be known that I’m going, albeit unwillingly, unwillingly, unwillingly. I now freely admit that deciding to take part in the survey was a monumentally stupid and idiotic idea which will now cause me to have no time whatsoever for anything useful and/or fun.

Also, no internet connection for three days.

Also, the creepy creepy sexist creep who acts like a total manwhore and treats people I respect like they’re bits and pieces of mouldy cheese? He’s going with us. GREAT. I actually genuinely hate him, I can’t help contorting my face in all sorts of unhappy grimaces whenever I see him.

Imagining what I could do to him one day, provided I had enough margarine, ants, creationist videos and a paper clip, eases the pain a little, but only just so.

Also, this is made of win. (No details so as not to spoil).

Anyway, I will be rather far away from civilisation the next three days (single crystaline tear).

Also: while in a karaoke bar, I jumped at the opportunity to rickroll everybody. However, my valiant efforts were not met with the expected groaning. I was v disappointed.

(There might have even be some applause, even *facepalm*)

From now on, I swear to only sing Britney. Bwah.


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