Dialect Survey Progress Report 1

Posted: July 31, 2009 in life, oh yes i am totally working totes!
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Today, I discovered I can write updater from my phone. YES.

So, so far:
1 I managed to oversleep.

2 I missed the train, and had to take a taxi to the campus, and yet

3 I was 10 minutes late and they went without me.

4 Consequently, I’ve now spent 1-2 hours or thereabouts on a train bound for Naruko Onsen. I am not amused, but

5 at least I could read my book in peace. It was a very good book. The sad thing is, I’m still on that train and the only thing I can read is the my survey. WOE.

Stay tuned for the thrilling evening update, where I write in excruciating detail about how many toothbrushes and socks I failed to pack and take with me. Gee, I can’t wait.


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