The Invasion

Posted: August 10, 2009 in facts
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Every year, the natives of Sendai gather to worship the highly stylized effigies of the Daleks, so as to express their gratitude for our space overlords not killing us all.


This year, covered in an amount of ribbons sufficient to make the X-ian invaders think she was part of the crowd of local cultists, Sendai Anonymous valiantly set off to take as many photos as possible, so that everybody could see the cruel fight between the gruesome local cult and X-tianity. Who won is for you to judge, though Sendai Anonymous personally thinks it was the party who ate more takoyaki and melons on a stick.

(HINT: not the X-tians, who were too busy looming ominously with solemn expressions on their faces and generally not having fun. CTHULHU FTAGHN!)

On a more serious note, though, if you ever wondered what X-tian missionaries do with the money they rip off their fellow X-tians, here is your answer. They use the money to be extremely rude and scare children.

I mean, I’m as militant an atheist as militant atheists go, but this time, it isn’t about atheism for me. This is about manners.

Well, manners and proselytising squick.

The thing is, proselytising is absolutely absolutely rude anyway, but when you go around trying to proselytise when people are having fun after a long week of being overworked, when you go around scaring children with eternal damnation and hellfire when they just want to focus on eating bananas covered in chocolate or melons on a stick? That makes you the lowest of lowest lifeforms, the ultimate scumbag, the black proselytising Tubifex worm of all proselytising Tubifex worms*.

Also, how would the Xians feel if Muslim missionaries came during Xmas to tell them about Allah? Have they got no shame?**

Yeah, well.

Unsurprisingly, this is exactly what X-tian missionaries were doing yesterday and the day before yesterday during the Tanabata Matsuri in Sendai.

Here are the creepy, obviously unhappy missionaries with their creepy little signs (some of the photos are blurred, because the crowds were HUGE and the police was urging everyone to move along, move along, so I was in a hurry, but still):


Yeah, that’s about that. There were at least two vans like that, maybe three.

Exhibit two. The sign says: Jesus carried your sins on his back on the cross. Or some such.


I wouldn’t really care that much if it had been just the signs. The problem was, they had speakers. Bloody loud speakers. That were looped on the same, pre-recorded message about hell and eternal damnation, and the love of Jesus. Ew.

The sign here says “in the end of days, you will stand before the God”. Gee, thanks for the info. Will have to prepare my Origin of Species for the End of Days now.

See the crowds? And they say Xians aren’t attention whores.


Here the sign says “you will face judgement after death”. Orly?


Here it’s “there’s no salvation beyond Jesus Christ”. Thank you, I don’t really need any. Salvation, that is.


Nor seem any of the passers-by.

I also have some video footage, but it’s being edited at the moment by a nice Xian person who doesn’t like proselytising as much as I don’t.

I GOT IT! It’s not much, and it’s pretty low quality, because my memory card was almost full, and I forgot I was supposed to make commentary in English, not Japanese =_=, but, here it is (the creepy Xian van is hidden behind the trees. I couldn’t come closer, because of the crowd, and also, police =_=):

Also, there are more photos of creepy missionary fail on my Picasa account here.

Also, Xian-free photos of Tanabata are here. Shiny ♥♥♥


*Sorry, Tubifex worms. You’re actually pretty cute little guys.

** That was a rhetorical question.


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