Words I learned today (2)

Posted: August 14, 2009 in japanese, words
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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry anymore.

(It was fun, though, and and and! The essay os done, so)

(Oh, the joys of philosophy of science)

補助仮説 auxiliary hypothesis

反駁 rebuttal

円軌道 circular orbit

離心円eccentric circle

軌道離心率 orbital eccentricity


萎む (しぼむ)wither, shrivel

良識 bon sense (at this point, I had no words)

明晰 one more synonym for “clear”

(Also, I hate Ubuntu JJ with the burning passion of ten thousand supernovas. It killed my FF. My FF won’t let me access Pharyngula. This. Is. Simply. Not. Acceptable.

Fortunately, I found this.

Srsly, something must be done about this though. Hopefully it will involve pitchforks and an angry mob D:

I mean, life without Pharyngula*? IMPOSSIBLE)

(*Did I just discovered where the life come from? Yay)


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