Wherein Afghanistan proudly reaches the Lower Paleolithic

Posted: August 17, 2009 in what's wrooong with those men
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According to beebs, it is now perfectly legal in Afghanistan for men to starve their wives if they refuse to have sex with them at least once every four days.
I don’t really know what’s so magical about four days and not three or five, but whatevs. Clearly, congratulations are in order.

GUYS! LOWER PALEOLITHIC! I’m so excited for you! Soon you will be able to make basic stone handaxes! Isn’t that just awesome?
Of course, behavioural modernity is still far beyond you, but in the next 100 000 years or so, who knows, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

Apart from legitimizing maritial rape, and, erm, maritial starvation, an entirely new form of abuse (GEE THE MEN OVER IN AFGHANISTAN ARE SO CREATIVE!1111!1) the bill also takes away maternal custody of children and makes it impossible for a woman to work unless she obtains her husband’s permission.

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  2. pillowscrapbook says:

    theoretically this law applies to only one ethnic group, however it was Karzai the president of Afghanistan, who signed it. He usually supports the local feminists (who have been outraged with this law), but it was elections time and there were apparently more men (aka votes) in that ethnic group than feminists in Afghanistan ;)

  3. atwitter says:

    Yeah, Karzai totally sold out. The bastard =_=

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