There’s nothing funny to say about that D:

Posted: August 26, 2009 in facts, fundamentalism, ignorant stereotyping, politics, stupid people
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via Dispatches from Culture Wars

You don’t read blogs for three-four days, and when you start, what hits you straight-on is a disgusting regurgitated pile of vapid goo-like drivel, wrapped up thickly in lots of shiny tin foil, and sold as “conservative debate”.

Now, I’ve seen many vile things on the internets, including Tub Girl, Two Girls and a Cup, and the other classics. And yet, the most vile of them all is this innocuous vid, containing no porn whatsoever.

A short summary of the events:

1. US, middle of the health care debate. To the left, socialist pinko commie baby-killers*. To the right, stately defenders of fiscal responsibility, the conservatives, urging the government to keep away from the Medicare programme, which is, by the way, government-sponsored, of which almost half of the USians is blissfully unaware.

2. Enter Mr. Blum, our hero, who tries to explain to the USians the benefits of nationalized health care, and how the Israeli veterans get better treatment than the US army veterans. He’s got a point, because the Israeli nationalised health care is, for instance, rated higher than the USian one in the WHO ranking.

Therefore, yay, go Mr. Blum, thinks a sane person, and rejoices.

3. Not so! Enter Crazy Nutter Lady, who, well, there’s nothing really funny to say about that, not at all, anyway:

She shouts “HEIL HITLER” at Mr. Bloom.

She shouts “Heil Hitler” AT A JEW.


(At this point, words failed me)

4. Mr. Blum, being a hero for a reason, manages to actually act in a dignified** manner, and asks her whether she’s got no shame.

(Which she clearly hasn’t got one bit)

He then tries to explain to her why the USian health care system fails.

5. In response, highly typical of the sophisticated right-wing discourse, the Crazy Nutter Lady a) makes a silly face at Mr. Blum, thus announcing her victory in this debate to the world, because, clearly, saying Heil Hitler TO A JEW o.O trumps everything, b) makes cry-baby noises, because IT’S SO FUNNY WHEN YOU SAY HEIL HITLER TO A JEWISH PERSON YAY, and also trumps any arguments that could be made.

I, personally, still cannot process how on Earth can you even THINK it’s all right to say “Heil Hitler” to a Jewish person.

Here’s the vid:

(Look at the woman’s face, how she’s not a little bit ashamed when she realises the person she said “Heil Hitler” to was Jewish. There are no words D: )

Conclusion: right-wingers are fuckwitted morons everywhere, and should evolve move on or die out like the dodo D:

The story hits Israeli press. There’s some more on this blog, too.

ETA: because I forgot. The irony, it’ s, like, OMG. The Crazy Nutter Lady actually wears an Israeli Defence Forces T-shirt. SO MUCH FAIL.

Also, near the end of the vid, she completely derails the discussion by stating that OMG SHE WON’T HAVE HER TAX MONEY BEING USED FOR ABORSHUUUNZ. Because, see, she’s GOT SUM MOOORAAAALS BAW BAW BAW.

Excuse me, I’ve got to kill a couple of unborn babies now.

*Mmm, feels almost like home <3

** Which I admire greatly, because doubtlessly, in his place I would have bitten her stupid little anti-Semitic head off, and then spat it out. And stomped on it.

Stomped on it three times.


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