Bad evolutionary psychology, again. Is anybody surprised anymore?

Posted: September 5, 2009 in evo-psy, facts, woo, wtf?
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Via Unfunny Business!

Um, cut for mentions of sexual assault.

First, look at this picture of pygmy marmoset, because it’s highly relevant to this post, and also cute.


So, a terrible thing happened, and it is sort of understandable that people don’t understand how it was possible at all, and how other people could be so absolutely vile, disgusting and cruel. In times like this some seek explanations in science-

— and all they get is a stupid guy in a stupid shirt saying stupid things.

With lots of jargon.

Like here, in What Makes a Monster at Live Science.

So, why are people evil, child-raping rapists who are evil? Daniel Kruger tells us why!

“This relates to a long, long human history of women basically being reproductive assets and being seen as resources that are taken in conflicts both within groups and between groups,”

Oh yes. Because you kidnap children and hide them in your basement, so that you can wait a couple of years until they can have your babies. SURE! IN AFRICAN SAVANNA, EVERYBODY DID IT!

And while abducting and raping a young girl is “not justifiable,” Kruger said, guys do prefer younger women.

Oh, yes. Nothing is quite as sexy as those cute little eleven-year-olds. THE YOUNGER THE BETTER! At this point, it’s, like, self-parodying, because, as far as I know, no self-respecting fuckwad evolutionary psychologist would ever want to say something quite as stupid as that.

“This is something that could be the extreme end of a continuum,” Kruger said. “Men in general do have a preference for younger women and seem to be most attracted to women who are either at their peak reproductive potential or even younger than that.” At that age, he said, a woman is less likely to already have offspring from other mates.

ELEVEN YEARS OLD GUYS! REMEMBER! PERFECT MATE! Does he even hear what he’s saying? Or is the entity known as Daniel Kruger in fact made up of a colony of pygmy marmosets hidden inside of a plastic humanoid robot and saying silly things for shits and giggles?

As horrid as it seems, rape could serve as a last-resort mating strategy. “I think that there’s flexibility in mating strategies,” Kruger said. “And one of the things some evolutionists have suggested is that rape is about sex with powerless men.” (Kruger notes that feminists and others consider rape an act of power not sex.)

Oh, how flexible. remember kids: Rapist = a powerless man!


“Usually rapists are guys who can’t get sex through normal means of attracting a women and getting her to get into a romantic relationship with you. These aren’t guys who other women would find highly attractive. This could be a high-risk strategy for people who find themselves not succeeding through normal means.”

Yeah, only NO. If rape were indeed a strategy to spread your genes, how do you explain that most women are raped by people they know? Often family members? Wouldn’t that be rather counter-productive? There is, of course, a competing explanation, that is actually much better at explaining anything, but since it doesn’t take away all the blame from the rapists, and doesn’t conveniently ascribe it to the genes, it is completely ignored by evo-psy fuckwits.

This theory says: rape is about power.

It also explains why sometimes men rape other men, by the way.

In fact, this little piece of evo-psy bullshit is was nicely  debunked in this little  article in Newsweek. Raping a woman is not terribly helpful, when you want to have offspring, apparently. You have to remember that there’s a possibility that you will fail, or that a woman won’t want to raise a baby conceived by a rape, or that her family or friends will want to kill you for raping her, or that everybody will find out that you’re a violent disgusting fuckwad who rapes people and you will be ostracized; the possibilities are endless. Even if you try to consider rape as mating strategy, it’s not at all successful.

What’s actually rather disturbing is, how some people are so invested in making an unacceptable and immoral behaviour that is clearly hurting other people* appear acceptable, or at least unavoidable, because “evolution made us do eeeet11!1!!1!!!!!11”. Guys, are you for real? Don’t you see how it makes you look? Because, creepy.

*Ooops. Forgot females are “basically reproductive assets” not humans, too. Darn.

  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    poor men, they are the real victims here, aren’t they. the gene fate is upon them and they are doomed to be rapists. we should all just give ’em a hug. and maybe a bullet in the the head, because you cull dogs whit genetic aggression, that is beyond behavioral treatment. such men would just spread bad genes in the population, so this would be a benefit to the whole world.

    i wonder how would these “scientists” fit into their theory rape as in initiation among boys in South Africa:

    or why do men rape, torture and finally kill women in Latin America, maybe dead women are the best mates there are:,5054.html

  2. atwitter says:

    Ugh. Not to mention the corrective rape in South Africa
    Yup, it’s all totally about having moar offspring.

    Seriously, aren’t people creeped out at all about those ‘scientists’ being so invested in defending rapists? Really? OMG SO MUCH FAAAAIL.

    Uh, I’ve never actually heard about the stuff in Latin America. It’s absolutely horrid :(

    Thanks for the links!

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