Because my joke supply is depleted =.=

Posted: September 6, 2009 in atheism, links
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1. Awesome articles about biased and racist and dumb and arseholish treatment of Muslims in the media.

I mean, imagine anybody saying those things about Xians, oh, gee. And yet, Xians are as full of fatwa envy SNAAAAAAAAAAAAARL at least as much as they are full of themselves:

Muslimah Media Watch

(Seriously, everything they write is totally awesome)

2. A teaser of Dawkins’ new book. Om nom nom nom nom. Sadly, I can’t yet order it in Japan, and I’ll be switching countries soon, anyway, so :(

3. Cool stuff about the fail that is creationism, among other things. Also, Jesuits*.

4. Melissa McEwan from Shakesville on misogyny. Don’t read the comments *barfs*.

5. Another Casual Friday at Cognitive Daily, this time, about thriftiness! This is how you make surveys online, by the way. OMG SO MANY CHARTS *SWOON*.


6. The Carnival of the Godless is online! Reeeeeed eeeeeeeeet.

*Instant hilarity, guys.


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