Phew! Also: Jesus Village

Posted: September 8, 2009 in atheism, woo, wtf?
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1. Soooo tired //room/bed/*faceplants*.

2. Ate so many fried mollusca on a stick I don’t really know how many anymore.

3. Can’t really move.

4. Darwin’s pants, it was fun. Can we please do it again as soon as my stomach recovers from TOO MUCH SEAAAAFOOOOOOD*?

5. It has been decided that on the 13** September Sendai Anonymous and her awesome pal will go to Jesus Village in Aomori to see for themselves how insane the people over there really are.

(Current hypothesis: 1) they are really quite insane and believe in all that drivel, 2) they are doing it for tourists profit! 3) only, there are no tourists in Aomori, not really, therefore 4) crazy after all?)

Sendai Anonymous will wear a badass leather jacket (unless it’s 30° C again, or the typhoon comes back or something), and there will be visual aids afterwards.

Many visual aids.

Jesus Village is something that cannot be processed without many visual aids.

(ETA: Kudos to the cool guy on the Atheist Nexus who told me about it. THANKS!)


*Fried, on a stick.

**Or 14 or something. I can’t remembeeeeeer TOO MUCH SEAFOOOOOOOD.


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