Posted: September 11, 2009 in when sendaianonymous wanted to cry again, wtf?
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What am I doing wrooooong?

Yesterday, everybody thought I was American*. Today, everybody thought I was British**. Should I stick a tiny Polish flag to my forehead****? Gah.

Still, that’s not nearly as bad as the seven million***** Japanese people asking my Thai friend “SO DO U RIDE ELEPHANTS TO SCHOOL IN THAILAND LOL?”.

So maybe I should just shut up.

(Why so clueless though, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???And I don’t even really care, it’s just, the assumptions! Also, really, guys, more than half the people you meet online are likely to be ESL. Really!

I’m not. English is my third language *snaaaarl*)

* Americans: stop thinking that every white person you meet abroad is American.

** Americans: stop thinking that every person with a funny accent is British. I could as well be Canadian***. You never know.

*** But I’m noooooooooot.

**** But then everybody would think I’m from Indonesia or Monaco. I want to dieeeee.

***** This is only a slight exaggeration.


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