This is precisely the sort of answer that accommodationists deserve

Posted: September 12, 2009 in atheism
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(I had to watch the vid twice, and in the end had to turn the voice off, because I couldn’t help but understand German*.
It was very entertaining. Also, the conclusion: it’s funny ’cause it’s true)
(Thank you, Sneer Review!)


  1. Can’t HELP but understand the German???

    You’re trying to make me insanely jealous here??

    I like the spirit of this video and totally agree with the sentiment but, wow, how relatively esoteric a topic to give the Hitler Downfall treatment to. Or maybe I’m wrong and the whole accommodationism debate does reach out to more than to a narrow circle of blogging academics. I hope so, it’s such a fundamentally important issue. But this does seem a little too “inside” to be a worthy parody topic.

  2. atwitter says:

    Yes well. Cognitive linguistics 101: spoken word has priority over written word, like, always. One video, two interpretations, one spoken, the other written, of course you would parse the spoken first.
    (It did add some extra hilarity, though:
    Random Nazi: Mein Fuehrer…
    Subtitles: Boss…
    CAPSLOCK!Hitler: Everybody was lying to me!1111
    Subtitles: What was he after? A job at the Discovery Institute?
    Capslock!Hitler: TRAITORS! LIARS! LOSERS!
    Subtitles: She’s a marine biologist, for fuck’s sake.
    I LOLLed)

    I think the blogosphere picked up on the whole debacle, because Mooney managed to be a stereotypical internet wanker.
    Internet wankery: it’s a very robust meme.

    So when he started going on about how everybody should be nice to each other for PR-related reasons, while calling people names and lying and so on, people just started pointing and laughing.
    Also, interesting points were made about his and his twin’s inability to conduct serious research in social sciences.
    I mean, she is a marine biologist, for fuck’s sake.

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