1. Philip Pullum is writing a book, and Vatican is throwing a hissy fit already. Can’t wait to read the book!

Can’t wait to see more hissy fits! Guys, you’re hilarious.

2. Over in the US, poor oppressed theists are throwing hissy fits, too:

I cringed. I was disgusted at the same time.

I said how dare you take the scriptures and twist it to fit your needs.

Ahahahahaha. My irony-meter needs to be replaced like now. Why the outrage? Somebody made billboards quoting the Bible, you see. More importantly, the outrageously disgusting parts that don’t tell you to go get the queers:

David loved Jonathan more than women (II Samuel 1:26)


3. Transphobic shenanigans in Malaysia. The Imams, or whatever, should stop being so perversely interested in other people’s fashion choices and sex lives, and maybe, start a crusade against woo or something.

I’d watch that.

4. In Mali, a pro-women’s rights law is blocked by religious wackos. Meanwhile, in Kenya a gunman attacks an exclusively female village. The police refuse to do anything, because it a “domestic issue”. FAIL.

5. Catholic priests who abuse and rape children are courageous for anonymously coming out with their stories when they know nobody will punish them, but civil unions for the gayz are still evil, says the Catholic church (news at 11).

6. I must be a very sad person, because I actually want to see that trainwreck. C’mon, Sharia-complaint super heroes? Instant hilarity.

  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    I actually find the Islam superheroes kind of cute ^^!

  2. […] September 13, 2009 Filed under: Observation — pillowscrapbook @ 4:13 pm ♥Big thanks to 梅雨眼中 for linking to an article about “The […]

  3. Konfacela says:

    re: Philip Pullman’s new book

    Hi sendai. Recommending stuff to you carries its risks, but the hoary Jesus Wasn’t Really What They Cracked Him Up To Have Been routine has also been recently wheeled out by Don Cupitt in “Jesus and Philosophy” (2009) – haven’t read it, but I’ve heard Cuppitt in an interview and he sounded interesting and sensible (meaning atheist).

    I’m guessing Uta Ranke-Heinemann’s “Eunuchen für das Himmelreich. Katholische Kirche und Sexualität (1988) might be of interest to you if don’t already know it. Her “Nein und Amen. Anleitung zum Glaubenszweifel” (1992) is a take down of scriptural fables and has some interesting stuff on the role of women in Jesus’ life. She’s a theist, but an unusually clear-sighted and tenuous one.

    Also, re. transphobia or otherwise, have you read this?

    It’s that bloody prehistoric stuff *sighs, spits on the ground*, so it’s always going to remain hazy and conjectural, but I maybe it’ll come handy one day.

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