The fail must go on!

Posted: September 29, 2009 in internets, what's wrooong with those men, wtf?
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Before we start, let me present you with a clear timeline of events:

25-09-2009: The Polish parliament votes 400:1 FOR the introduction of chemical castration for pedophiles (also making the production of any materials with communist and fascist symbols or emblems illegal and punishable with up to 2 years of prison, which is censorship, but a wholly different matter).

28-09-2009: The Polish minister of foreign affairs says: I think that anybody who admires his (Polanski’s) movies as much as I do, will agree with me that mercy can always be shown in case of sin (the sentence is so clumsy, ’cause he used a contamination of two separate Polish idioms, and I didn’t quite know what to do with that).

Cut for mentions of child abuse.

(Source: Myślę, że każdy, kto podziwia jego filmy tak, jak ja, podziela moje zdanie, że za grzech możliwe jest prawo łaski – stwierdził Sikorski)

The minister, together with the French minister of foreign affairs, Bernard Kouchner, will be sending a letter to Hillary Clinton, asking for USian authorities to be as lenient as possible.

I’d cackle but: oh, the hypocrisy!

(I’m also against chemical castration, too: it’s just a feel-good half-assed measure that does nothing but makes the populists think, ‘Hurr, hurrr, we showed them, the pedophiles, lololol!111!!!! Now we can do nothing! The problem, it’s solved!’, when it’s not.)


1) This article plays up the fact that the REAL VICTIM here, Samantha Geimer, filed for dismissal of the case last year, and it is heavily implied that she did so, because she didn’t really mind being raped at all*. Gee, I’d think that perhaps, perhaps the fact that the media have been talking about her having been raped for the past 30 years would have been a sufficient incentive for her to do anything in her power to make them stop (see the last sentence in this paragraph).

But no! She asked for it, the little whore**!

One of the headlines also says “He will fight!”. Aw, poor woobie rapist, fighting for justice! NO.

2) On Monday, Polanski was visited in prison by the Polish ambassador in Zürich, French consul general and his wife. They said he wasn’t treated badly.

Aw, the woobie rapist! Not treated badly!

Again, the fact that Samantha Geimer has “forgiven Polanski” (yeah, only not: see his Wikipedia page for details), and “didn’t really mind” are implied heavily. Also, a mention is made of Geimer and Polanski reaching a financial settlement, which means he paid her off, which means she has no right to complain, the little whore***!

3) My favourite blogger — well, no longer favourite, really — is, I don’t even really know anymore. First he makes a sort of assholish case for poor woobie menz always having to be sooooo cautious, lest they be caught unawares by an underaged whore who wants to have sex with them****, and then makes fun of right-wingers, who finally agree that having sex with a minor constitutes a rape, because a minor can’t giver informed consent, except!


There was a 13-year-old girl, a 44-year-old man, alcohol, drugs, no consent, and RAPE.

Geimer testified that Polanski gave her a combination of champagne and quaaludes, a sedative drug, then kissed her and performed a number of sex acts on her, each time after being told ‘no’ and being asked to stop.

This is from her testimony, for real. Go, read, tell me where she consented, even uninformedly. Because she didn’t.

(Orlinski also writes how it’s such a glaringly obvious oversimplification when you call “unlawful sex” a “rape”. Dude, I’m seriously sorry that your feeble feeble mind can’t parse what is really simple here: 13-yr-old girl + 44-yr-old guy + no consent = RAPE.

Really simple!

Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat after me!)

(I won’t even start on his commentors, who’re like “HE ONLY FLED TO FRANCE COZ IN FRANCE YOU CAN HAVE SEX WITH 13-YR OLDS YAY”. Not really. Just fucking google it, fuckwads)

* (Vomits)

** (Froths at the mouth)

*** (Froths at the mouth WHILE projectile vomiting in the general direction of Agora SA)


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