I just wanted to express my wholehearted approval for this post:

Posted: September 30, 2009 in internets, what's wrooong with those men, wtf?
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Łechtaczka na muszce, czyli jak to z Romusiem było (Sporothrix FTW)
Run it through Google Translate or whatever. That post proves that all sanity has not been lost in the Land of Fail.
By which I mean, Poland, of course.

Meanwhile, Krzysztof Zanussi, a pro-Catholic hack director of really crappy movies, for which he somehow keeps getting awards and accolades, proudly proclaims that Samantha Geimer had it coming anyway, what with her being an underage prostitute, and therefore, it was all her fault.
Do you need moar orders, Zanussi? Or another consult for the Pontifical Council for Culture, would it be enough for you to revert to moderate-but-nevertheless sanity, again? I mean, it MUST help when you can ALMOST TOUCH THE POPE*?

Ha, not so.

(Zanussi also said that “there’s nothing more pleasant for the gawking plebes than when someone is knocked off their pedestal”. For real. Watch the vid. HAHAHA GUYS WE PLEBEEES. Why thank you, Mr Zanussi — or should I say, you fuckwad — that’s much more plebeian, right? I’ve never been prouder of my working class heritage, by the way.)

The French meanwhile join my compatriots in their race for the golden douche fail with their petition in support of Polanski here. While that sort of tribal mentality no longer surprises me, it did surprise me to see Salman Rushdie‘s name there. Salman Rushdie!

That hurt.

I mean, I loved loved loved Midnight’s Children so much it hurt, and although his later books were preachy and unreadable,  Salman Rushdie was someone you respected. Well, apparently, not anymore.

At least, I won’t.

Also, not Wong Kar Wai too. NOOOOOOO!

However, Luc Besson remains sane, and the Polish Prime Minister is unenthused about making official protests about freedom for, basically, a child-rapist. Polish sexologist disses Polanski on behalf of the whole profession, and Polish intertubes is not amused by Polanski’s rapey antics. There’s a sane commentary in the Washington Post, of all places, and Grauniad saves Europe’s face by being reasonable, too. German intertubes is also not amused, and mostly doesn’t see where the problem is, because, Polanski confessed, and therefore, hullo jail time! The article in the Spiegel is much less involved, but totally weirdness-free, and has some really faily quotes from various French officials. I’m only reading Spiegel from now on.

Previous Polanski fail here and here.

*This will only make sense if you know that Zanussi is sort of a professional Moral Authority in Poland, constantly working himself up into a permanent moral outrage.

Mostly about abortion and contraception. BUT IT’S A-OK if you hurt children that are bigger than sperm, TOTES OK!

  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    I could never understand why did Polanski run in the first place, after he had pleaded guilty and already done some time. the punishment he had got back than was really lenient …

    and as to zanussi and other right wing nuts in Poland it is obvious that people are worth protecting only before they are born and can be “hurt” by evil women, because men never hurt children, they either punish them for bad behaviour (aka spank them until the children don’t breath any more) or educate them – aka molest them(but usually are seduced by evil children – men are always the victims)

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