The revenge of the emo post!

Posted: October 2, 2009 in life, wtf?
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Usual emo post warnings apply.

(On the plus side: two days without hearing about Polanski from his faily defenders. WIN.)

I still hate Mainz. I might have found a place to live, maybe.

The Dom looks like a dead frog. Everything is dirty. Streets teem with for what the closest English word is “chav”, but it’s not quite the same thing.

It’s much woooorse.

The weather sucks.

The other person from Poland (that I know, anyway), can’ t tell when I’m joking (hint: all the time), and ends up being perpetually offended (or maybe it’s just his face; I can’t tell =_=)

The fact that I have a place to stay tonight is a miracle. I think I might have seen Virgin Mary in the window of the office of the person who found that room for me.

(The Vrigin Mary was wearing latex and wielded a whip;  yet I’m absolutely certain it was Her, and not any wishful thinking on my part)

Good thing that happened today: I scared to death two Erasmus gals. We were looking for another Erasmus gal, and I gently suggested someone might have murdered her and hid the body on campus. It’s a huge campus. A lot of places to hide bodies, I happily explained. They were seriously giving me strange looks by the time I was finished.

It might have just been the manic smile, though.

Or cultural differences.

Or their sarcasm gland was taken out when they got sick when they were babies. Seriously, though, mummy dropped you on your heads, morons? Like a real psychotic killer would be dumb and incompetent enough to go around telling stories about where she hides the bodies.


You should be more afraid of the nice ones! For real.

Also: I want to go back to Japan ASAP. Met three nice Japanese exchange students. Couldn’t really speak a word in German, so mummy Sendai A helped them with their paperwork. CUTE!


Yes, well >.>

(I also hate German keyboards, what with their “y” being where “z” is supposed to be and vice versa. HATE)


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