Dorota Stalinska says what she thinks about those pesky 13-year-old whores. Translation by Google, cleaned up by me so it’s at least marginally comprehensible.

(Sane commentary in Polish here. The following article was published by a completely mainstream Polish newspaper.  The interview was conducted on a completely mainstream Polish news station. Stalinska is a famous actress and often appears on TV)

Stalinska defends Polanski: 13-year olds are throwing themselves at men.
2009-09-29, last updated 2009-09-29 23:44
An emotional exchange took place today in the studio during the interview on TVN 24 about the Roman Polanski case. The director was defended by the actress Dorothy Stalinska, while PiS MEP Marek Migalski reiterated his view that he is surprised by the defense of Polanski.

Migalski on his blog attacked the defenders of Roman Polanski’s “There is no shame and logic in the desperate struggle of the artistic guilds for the freedom of their colleague, but I would like to ask our artists:  Would you use the same arguments, if your pal Romek (Polish diminutive for “Roman” <–Sendai A) first got drunk, and then had some rectal fun with your daughter? Are you fucked in the head*? ”

Dorota Stalinska, who also signed a petition in support of Polanski,  said on  TVN 24 that she is “shocked” by the language Mark Migalski uses**. – First, it was not rape, but an intercourse with a minor with her permission – said Stalinska. She added that after all, this lady denied that she was  raped, and the evidence was manipulated. – “We know that the 13-year-old girl may look like a 20-year-old – actress explained***”. According to her it is not that the girl who was raped, but Roman Polanski was seduced and provoked****.

Stalinska: 13-year olds are throwing themselves at men.

Dorota Stalinska puts the blame for the events 30 years ago on the then 13-year-old Samantha Geiner. – I’ve  a 20-year-old son. He could tell you what the 13-year-old girls behave like, and what provocations they’re capable of, and how they throw themselves not at 20, but 40-year-olds – Stalinska said.

She added that supports the words of Krzysztof Zanussi, who the day before in the “Kropka nad I” (A TV programme with five-minute interviews <– Sendai A)  called Geimer “an underage prostitute”. – 13-year-old girls alone provoke adult men. In Poland, and in the entire world. Zanussi’s right – said Stalinska in outrage*****.

Migalski: Defending Polanski is shameful

Mark Migalski did not try to hide his outrage at Dorothy Staliński’s statement. He repeated what he said in his blog, that any defense of Polanski is outrageous.

He stressed that even if  sexual relations of underaged girls with their “sponsors”  take place, we do not accept that.

He explained that the use of profanity is inappropriate to what Roman Polanski did, and how shameful it is that everybody’s defending him in Poland******.

*This are actual words of an actual Polish MEP. Really.

** YES. Because clearly the language is what was the problem here, all along. Typical denialist strategy: know that you’re losing, apply the MIND YOUR MANNERS pseudargument.


**** Stalinska, Zanussi, Polanski choked with their penises and mauled by bears, mmmm. An especially gigantic dildo for Stalinska.

***** I’m not making this up, I swear.

***** In the original Google translation the end of this sentence was “today, arms in Poland”. Like a haiku.

Also, for the first time in my life, I agree with a wingnut.

  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    even though child prostitution is a growing problem nowadays how can someone use it as an argument when they talk about a situation that had taken place 30 years ago and has a completely different context ^^!

  2. The problem can easily be explained if you realise Stalinska is in fact made of fail and goat poo.

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