To the person behind the “yanks” versus “euros” meme: DIE DIE DIEEEEEE.

Posted: October 8, 2009 in ignorant stereotyping, internets, wtf?
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This post was prompted entirely by many a faily comment exchange in the comments section of this article. When the fail was so strong that the wankers, pardon, interlocutors started arguing whose penis, pardon, country is bigger, I just laughed out loud in an internet cafe filled to the brim with the* aficionados.

I mean: who even thought of the idiotic meme first? “Yanks”? Like, not only is it most likely historically inaccurate**, but also, fucking stupid.

And “euros”? It’s obvious only a complete fuckwit could come up that, because, as far as I’m concerned “euros” are money.  As in, the bloody currency. Nudge nudge.

(Depending on context, maybe also the name of the wind)

BUT. I don’t get this ridiculous tribal-neanderthal posturing. What do those people want to prove? “My country is bigger!” “Mine has more people in it!” “We have free speech and you have libel laws!” “We have far less creationists!” “You’re stupid and uneducated!” “Let me show you my learnings!” “My country has reel freeeedooooom!” “My country has better laws against terrorism/religious fundamentalism/whatever!”

Your country and you are also gigantic wankers.

* There is a painful story behind that. It involves penises, leather daddies,  Firefox and incompetent staff not deleting customers’ browsing history. Please don’t ask.

** Although history is not really my area of expertise.


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