Sendai in Warsaw <3

Posted: October 10, 2009 in photos, poland
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(I started writing this post a week ago, but didn’t have time to finish. Posting it now, anyway, because it has VISUAL AIDS PRETTY)

The not cool thing about being back in Poland, even for a week: the fact that even after a year, Poland is still Poland.

The cool thing about being back in Poland: that I’ll be gone by Thursday.

Anyway, two important things happened:

1. There was some sort of a competition for a new Warsaw dessert. The result was finally called “zygmuntówka” (zehg-moon-toov-kah), and looks rather phallic.

(This is my opinion.

My dad’s was: It looks like a martyrological tribute to the ruins of Warsaw, as destroyed by the Nazis 65 years ago, lol.

My brother’s was: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM Whaaa?

My wannabe lesbian girlfriend’s was: You actually ate that???)

The photo:


2. Meanwhile. Warsaw has not changed a lot.

The Uni:


My favourite antiquary was still there (right next to my least favourite pub, meh):


And the uni inside:


Fun stuff at Krakowskie Przedmiescie:


The Uni Library (BUW). Pretty!


The BUW bodyguard. You can tell he’s a BUW employee from how seriously he takes his duties (taken in the garden on the roof of the BUW building <3)


The garden itself is actually pretty neat:


Here’s what you can see from the roof:


And in the other direction:




The Dalek army:


Finally, the Kultur Palast hiding behind the bushes, with a gun:



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