Another vile campaign of hatred

Posted: October 18, 2009 in feminism, wtf?
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Bob the Little Grey Person reports:

Another little grey person model is being persecuted by bigoted haters. We know she maybe looks too thin to be a human being that can actually not break in half, but the thing is, she is not. Don’t be speciecist. Don’t be a hater.

What’s more, a company famous for its little-grey-person-friendly policy, Ralph Lauren,  is under a libelous and frankly ridiculous attack, skillfully orchestrated, naturally, by the internet haters.

Will we ever be able to coexist peacefully, when even a well-adjusted member of our society, such as the model in question, gets called on her inhuman thinness as if it were something to be ashamed of? Well, du-uh, it is, if you’re a speciecist bigot.

Will there ever be the end to the hate?

As you can see, Bob got a little tetchy. Well, I don’t blame him. Here’s the model in question:


Isn’t she just beautiful?

  1. Ausir says:


    Also: oh hai, I saw what you did thar so I can has RSS.

  2. Ausir says:

    BTW, how about adding a list of latest comments in the sidebar, like at Would actually be more useful here than there, where current discussion pretty much almost always takes place under the latest post.

  3. Ausir says:

    Yes, but this way it would be easier for your readers to notice comments to older posts without the need to scroll through the list of posts each time.

    “Graaarh. WHO REDDITED ME T_T.”

    It wasn’t me, I swear!

    (just a friend of mine I sent the link to)

  4. Done!

    (Well, no point in crying over spilt milk. Russian spammers to delete, posts to write! Of course, you only know that you’re doing something right, when you get the Turkish creationist spam, too, LOL)

  5. Ausir says:

    I get so much spam these days that I can’t keep up with replying to it. Maybe when my Nigerian friend sends me all that money I invested in, I’ll hire someone to do it for me.

  6. Ausir says:

    sendaianonymous :
    Will add. Only, like, I normally have maybe 2 comments per post

    Not anymore!

  7. Ausir :

    It could always be worse. Think about it: If you wrote in Polish, it could have been Wykop.


  8. Ausir says:

    Also, it’s not like it’s only Reddit fappers. Half the comments are mine, after all.

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