Posted: October 19, 2009 in environment, GW
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Where by ” John Ringo” I mean Levitt and Dubner, of the Freakonomics fame*.

It would seem that in their new book, Superfreakonomics, the engage in a lot of global warming denialism.

1. Tim Lambert is not amused and provides a looooong correction of the most egregious mistakes. I must say, wow, I thought Levitt& Dubner wouldn’t stoop so low as to actually cherry-pick researchers who don’t agree with them. An example:

1) “Yet [Ken Caldeira]’s research tells him that carbon dioxide is not the right villain in this fight.”

Caldeira has exactly one quote on his home page:

“Carbon dioxide is the right villain,” says Caldeira, “insofar as inanimate objects can be villains.”

Joe Romm asked Caldeira about the misrepresentation of his views and he told Romm:

If you talk all day, and somebody picks a half dozen quotes without providing context because they want to make a provocative and controversial chapter, there is not much you can do.

2. William Connolley has a list od their ten most obvious mistakes.

3. UCS has a detailed recap of old, tired memes Levitt& Dubner use in their new book.

4. I personally have to add that their title sucks.

This should come as a warning to us all. When you make money on being sceptical about the “common sense” stuff, you can take it too far and straight into the conspiracy theory territory, especially when you’re writing about stuff that is clearly not you area of expertise.


  1. Ausir says:

    Er… Why “John Ringo”?

  2. pillowscrapbook says:

    The sad thing is that when you ask the scientists, who say that global warming is a myth, about their funding they always start to explain how inappropriate this question is and how it can scare off further donors, while we usually know which NGOs support the other side. So you can always argument that the scientists, who panic about the global warming are supported by eco nuts, but you can’t really say who supports the septics…

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