News from Mainz!

Posted: October 20, 2009 in life, relocating
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1. I found the prettiest place ever. However, I forgot my charger, so I can’t take photos.

Because this was, um, the gazillionth time I forgot the charger, and  I am currently a proud owner of at least three chargers from two different continents for the same camera, I’ve sworn I won’t buy a new charger, because, seriously. Am waiting to have it sent with my winter coat.

2. My landlady/housemate is awesome. However, for the past few days I thought she had terrible problems with snoring. This is, until I found one of the dogs, Leon, sleeping and snarling in front of my bedroom door.

Leon is also in love with me, which means he shots out from under the furniture whenever I pass by.

This is because trying to stampede people is a clear proof of love and devotion in the dog land.

(Leon, 80 kg, is also a huge dog-like cat, really. This, however, is a secret)

3. It’s cold.

4. The penis-shaped food I’ve located so far: pasta, wine gums. The wine gums even were the appropriate colour. I intend to buy a huge jar for my wannabe-lesbian girlfriend for Xmas. But it’s a secret, so hush.

The search continues!

5. I’ve been sniffing at books a lot lately. So far, my research has indicated that the  Gutenberg bookstores are awesome, Germany is somehow completely crazy about China, and that the bookstore at the train station  (Mainz Hauptbahnhof) only sells books in four genres.

These genres include: romance, crime/detective novels, sci-fi/fantasy and Obama. Yes, Obama is a new genre.

Because I say so.

  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    I actually find dog snoring very soothing. When my last dog died i took the next one within a week because when the dog snores it is easier for me to fall asleep ;) but my dogs don’t snore too loudly :)

  2. Ausir says:

    Are there any fantasy detective romances featuring Obama?

  3. Ausir :

    If you google hard enough, you’ll probably even find Obama yaoi.

    Ew. Porn about real living people is gross.

    I’d like to see some Roosevelt/Stalin, though *flees*

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