Orson Scott Card, lol.

Posted: October 21, 2009 in books
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Just a quick post, ’cause I’m insanely busy.

Yesterday, I found this. And while surely everybody remembers that OSC is a creepy homophobic wanker, which makes his homophobia passé and uninteresting news, his thoughts on people with mental disabilities are something new. At least to me. Lo, from Characters& Viewpoints:

We are terrified of people who don’t live in the same reality we do, who don’t have the same definition of rational behavior. You can’t talk to them, you can’t reason with them; there is no common ground. However much mental health professionals might deplore it, the fact is that when the public is convinced someone is dangerously insane, all considerations go out the window except one: stopping this crazy person. Unless the storyteller works very hard to win sympathy for the insane character, the audience has no qualms about seeing him brutally subdued or killed. The world isn’t safe as long as the madman has any chance of escaping. And if, like Charles Manson and his “family” or Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, the madman has succeeded in convincing others that his version of reality is the truth, the audience’s fear and loathing is all the greater.

Oh, woooow. Because Polly, the depressed waitress is Just Like Hitler, guys. I mean, wow. I mean, projection much? I mean, where do those memes come out from? I mean, has he got an alien parasite in his brain or what?

Then, we have OSC’s example of what constitutes  a quality crazy person for whom nobody will feel sorry ever:

Oh good, thought Pete. Not only is this the most expensive blind date I’ve ever gone on, not only did Steve and Gracie back out at the last minute so I had to go alone, but also this Nora turns out to be crazy. If she isn’t at least OK in bed, Steve will not live to see another day.
“Don’t eat any of the shrimp sauce,” Nora said. “It’s poisoned.” (emphasis mine – Sara)

Oh, wow. I don’t know how my readership feels about creepy people who think it’s all right to exploit and sexually abuse people with mental disabilities*, but, wellll. Personally, I hope Pete will be killed in his sleep.

The author’s parting words to the disenchanted reader:

There is no chance that the audience will be hoping for Pete and Nora to end up with a long-term relationship. They will have no sympathy for Nora’s character—unless the author goes to extraordinary lengths to make her sympathetic, either by showing the cause of her insanity or by convincing us, somehow, that she isn’t insane at all.

Um, seriously. The audience won’t be hoping for Nora to end up in a relationship with an abusive arsehole, I’d hope.

I’m not touching the rest with a ten-foot pole.  The “rest”, by the way,  includes typical OSC homophobia, racism and just  the plain old insanity.

(At first I thought all the quotes must be but a clever ruse, but alas! Google Books confirms it is not so)

(And wtf with all the gushing reviews he’s got on Amazon and other websites? I mean, could anybody please correctly parse and categorise  his batshit as batshit? Seriously? Pretty please?)

(Off to the library with me! I’ve got a sleeping bag and canned soup! See you in a week!)

*Oh wait, I do.

  1. Sol Invictus says:

    My opinion of OSC gets worse the more I read about him.

  2. Ausir says:

    Well, at least his books are getting crappy lately as well (An Ender Christmas Special? Really??), so I don’t have to feel guilty buying them.

    • Well, I must confess: I HAVEN’T EVEN READ ENDRE’S GAME EVER, haha. When I was really into sci-fi, I liked Lem, Le Guin, and Dick, mostly, and well, Card wasn’t really my sort of thing.
      Then people started talking about his creepy Mormonism showing in his books.
      By then I’d been interested only in Naomi Novik for some time, so.

      Btw, any good sci-fi recs? Haven’t read anything for ages! No randroid stuff, plz. Randroids make me throw books at people.

  3. Ausir :

    Blindsight by Peter Watts. Definitely.

    Seems cool, adding to reading list!

    Have you read John Scalzi? I’m sort of intrigued, but mostly because of his blog.

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