A new post, in which the pope is hilarious

Posted: October 25, 2009 in atheism, pope, religion
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This morning strange news appeared in my Google Reader.

Lo, says the GW, behold, the pope-infested country of Italy, as its journalists struggle with righteous outrage after a leftist journalist dared to call BXVI “a mediocre theologian”. SCANDALOUS!

(A semi-related hilarious development is that — well, so far — you can only find the news in Polish and Italian newspapers. This is because nobody else cares)

Like here:

«Si può criticare Benedetto XVI, ma non si può assolutamente affermare che Joseph Ratzinger è un modesto teologo», scrive il «paparatzingerblog».

(“You can criticise the pope Benedict XVI, but you can’t claim that Joseph Ratzinger is a mediocre theologian”, wrote the “paparatzingerblog”.)

I admit, I giggled.

And on the next page:

«Paparatzingerblog», il sito cattolico che monitora quotidianamente quello che viene scritto su Benedetto XVI, apre una pagina illustrata con l’immagine di San Sebastiano trafitto dai dardi. E cita gli innegabili successi editoriali di Ratzinger teologo: 178 titoli, più il libro «Gesù di Nazaret» e le prime 3 encicliche, diffuse in milioni di copie e in cima a tutte le classifiche.

(“Paparatzinger blog”, a Catholic website monitoring what is written about Benedict XVI on a daily basis, opens its article with the image of St Sebastian pierced with arrows. It mentions the undeniable editorial successes of Ratzinger the theologian: 178 titles, and later the book Jesus of Nazareth and 3 encyclicals published in millions of copies.)

I found the blog. The picture of St Sebastian is really impressive, albeit in a very giggle-inducing way.

Welllll. I’m hardly the expert on the intricacies of Catholic theology, but!

1. If they can’t say anything better than “BUT LOOK AT HOW MANY BOOKS HE EDITED” in the pope’s defense, then 1) either they aren’t very good at defending the pope, 2) or, hohoho, somebody is grasping at straws here, heh heh heh.

2. Furthermore, St Sebastian? Really? Poor darling persecuted Catholic martyrs! Someone said mean things about the pope!

3. The “mean things” being “mediocre theologian”.  This of course illustrates how privileged the Catholics really are: the meanest name their leader gets called is “mediocre”*.

4. Furthermore, encyclicals published in millions of copies? Duh. Trust me, Catholics, they weren’t published in millions of copies worldwide because of their literary and theological merits. Grasping at straws much?

5. That was funny.

This whole debacle also brought another interesting fact to my attention. Remember when last year, the pope had to cancel his visit to La Sapienza, because students and professors protested against his commenting that the church’s treatment of Galileo was “rational and just”?



The epic fail is epic. Also, the irrationality that is created when the pope quotes Feyerabend should have torn apart the very fabric of reality.

Good thing we have Cthulhu protecting us from the end of the Universe as we know it.

Until the stars are right, anyway.

* Not anymore! Personally, I think that the popes stance on condoms re: Africa makes him a complete and utter bastard. Also, indirectly responsible for the deaths of people who will listen to him.

  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    this is such nonsense, who cares what one journalist writes about the pope, I mean the church probably cares, but I don’t get why anyone else does. the media in this church state i live in are so ridiculous. and if one is to believe the internets this pope is actually a pitiful character who tried to steal some of the harry potter’s limelight by publishing articles or sth about evil and occultism in rowling’s books :/ i sincerely doubt that someone like that can be decent at any thing that requires analysis of sources or serious scholar work. anyway the pope, as you’ve mentioned fails in so many ways, there isn’t enough leftist journalists to cover it all..

    • LOL, exactly. My first thought was, who cares about the pope anyway.

      Then, I noticed that the cause of outrage was “mediocre” added to the “theologian”, and I just burst out laughing.

      The Vatican clearly only exists for our amusement <3

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