OK, guys, I have a nemesis now! *GURGLES HAPPILY*

Posted: October 29, 2009 in languages
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So, it appears that for the first time in my rather short career of an on-campus and online atheist child-devouring militant lesbian villain*, I have acquired a nemesis who is actually a worthy opponent:

Me: English!

He: English almost as awesome as mine!

Me: picked up German along the way!

He: Picked up Polish from his room-mate. (Clearly I’m out-classed here. Polish is much more difficult to just pick up from your room-mates)

Me: French!

He: Spanish!

Me: Japanese!

He: Hebrew (modern)!

Me: Damn, ancient Hebrew! (I speak some very basic modern, too, though)

He: promises prof P to learn Ugaritic in one semester!



The result is, I’ve never felt so motivated in my life. There was some gurgling and happy snarling too, after the prof sicced us on each other saying HULLO, Ms SENDAI, THIS IS OUR LOCAL LINGUISTIC GENIUS, MEET EACH OTHER AND LEAAAAARN.

(For the purpose of clarity some languages that we both speak  or that can’t be easily paired up with each other have been omitted *GURGLES *SNARLS*)

(He’s not even a proper nemesis! I mean, his ways of picking up stuff are remarkably similar to mine, heh heh)

* Now with an army! Thanks guys :)

** Also: in four months, my German will be better than his***.

*** He is German.




  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    sounds exciting, does he have a monocle, a fat cat in his lap and a characteristic nervous tic ;) good luck with the languages!

    • Heh heh. I’m afraid I’m the one with monocle and nervous tics here :P He’s more the angelic wee blond linguistics geek type, heh heh.
      (This is where I laugh manically, just so that you know ;))

  2. Ausir says:

    #lesbianarmy ftw!

  3. Ausir says:

    BTW, I’m jealous of your talent for languages. :( The only foreign language I speak on a decent level is English.

  4. Ausir :

    Maybe you should learn Klingon?

    I thought about that, but it would unfavourably affect my position on the Geek Hierarchy Chart. It’s low as it is anyway >.>

  5. czescjacek says:

    Last evening I told Ausir I wasn’t jealous but, come to think about it, I am and I hate you.

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