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Posted: November 1, 2009 in internets, linguistics, sociolinguistics
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Not really! The sociolinguistics of spam:

This is an e-mail that got through my spam-filters today:


I find my prince…

People call me Princess! I am 25 years old.

I am cool and beautiful.

I am engaged in figure skating.

I wish know about you person.

Write me on my e-mail.

I wait for your letter, Kelsey

(original spelling preserved)

I think this is urban internet poetry. I like it a lot.

However, I can’t help wondering what the writer’s first language might be. I tried saying “I am engaged in figure skating” in a couple languages I know, and it sounds ridiculous in all of them. Or is it a perverted brainchild of Google Translate? My bets are on Google Translate, but I can’t help wondering about who in Darwin’s name would think  that this  sort of a message, translated by  Google, constitutes a quality spam e-mail.

I  seriously spent all morning thinking about that. I suck.

(Meanwhile, last night we went trick-or-treating with the  kidlet. I didn’t know you were supposed to do that in Germany. I suck)

  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    I’m jealous I usually get only viagra adds or fake “lost password” spam ;) this one at least is original ;)

  2. Ausir says:

    I’m getting so much spam that I have a hard time replying to it all.

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