The five-click meme

Posted: November 3, 2009 in atheism, being evil, creationism, homophobia, internets, woo, wtf?
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I don’t really remember where I heard it first, and I’m too lazy to google(1), but there’s a meme on the internets that tells you that in five clicks you can always get to (insert thing). Let’s say we can get from non-crazy part of the internets to the completely crazy part in under five clicks. Will that be possible? Here we go!

1. Click! My post about deconversion and proselytizing in atheism.

2. Click! Sarah’s post about the same.

3. Click! Sarah’s insane commenter who babbles about consciousness being a lot like soul, and about humans being a lot like god, because they can plan stuff, and  Ingo Swann, the psychic; anomalous mental phenomena; and sceptics who plug their ears(2) and stuff.

Be patient, grasshoppers and other  dear and cherished hexapod friends! Soon we will be getting there!

(Where by there, I mean to the HEART OF DARKNESS(3))

4. Ladies, Gentlemen, and poo-flinging monkeys(4), we’ve reached our destination here! Equilibrium found!

As an hors d’oevre I’d recommend this deliciously insane post about Life, the Universe and Homosexuality(5), which starts with an earthquake, quickly derails to paedophilia, and than goes right back to homosexuality in a neat swirling set of smooth eloquent segues.

Then, you can take a long and delightful look at Gideon’s sidebar, full of New World Order conspiracy theorising, really easily debunkable creationist videos, and this delectable gem:

my comment policy (trolls take note!)

My comment policy is no censorship allowed. You can say whatever you like, and, being a good Christian, I’ll listen and turn the other cheek, even if you’re a nasty-wasty little SOB!

However, while I’m turning my cheek, it’s entirely possible I’ll reverently bring my foot up and smash you right in the beets! Then, I’ll bring my knee up into your contorted face and spread your nose all over it, followed by a left hook into your sneering mouth! For the coup de gras, I’ll rip your head off and SKULL-FUCK you, then do the same to your mother!

May the Lord bless…


I am very tempted to model my own comment policy after his. Discuss?

(1) Fact: I will die if I can’t get my hands on The Greatest Show on Earth finallyyyyyyyyyy. However, sniffing at books in Mainz has so far been inconclusive D: D: D:


(2) Are your ears plugged yet, fellow sceptics? Be sure to plug your ears before the winter comes for real, together with gales, snowstorms and psychic invasions!

(3) For those of you with more delicate nervous constitutions, there’s always The Unspeakable Vault (OF DOOM).

(4) Such as myself.

(5) The answer to this post is 42, which is what everyone should write, should an opportunity to comment arise. *CACKLE*

  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    I anticipate you writing: “being a good Christian, I’ll listen and turn the other cheek” :)
    this gideon character is really something … vile

  2. miskidomleka says:

    “coup de gras”

    I love the expression. The final shot at a fat goose.

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