Oh my! Michael Ruse makes a nincompoop of himself in public. Again.

Posted: November 5, 2009 in atheism
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Like many others, over the years I observed Michael Ruse’s — I don’t even know what to call it anymore. Downfall? Slowly spiralling into madness? Slowly spiralling into madness and incoherence? Being constantly high on Kuhn? Seriously — astounding displays of glaringly growing intellectual incompetence and dishonesty with slight amusement first, then with exponentially increasing perplexity, and then finally I didn’t even know anymore.

I have decided he’s delusional now. Voila, the proof:

Dawkins et al bring us into disrepute

The thing is, there isn’t even that much to say about what he says, because it’s mostly classical Internet Wanking 101  For Real. There’s nothing but constant whinging for a couple of hundred words. What he says amounts to “BUT UR MEAN” while he makes a desperate attempt at presenting himself as a not-mean, nice person, and fails miserably. This is like reading Mooney all over again, and spilling coffee all over the monitor as he  startw with “now, now, let’s not be such condescending arseholes” and then goes on to do just that.

They should start using passive-aggressive smileys. At least nobody could have any doubts about their intentions anymore.

Anyway, all that needs to be said about Ruse was said at Pharyngula and Evolution Blog, but! What I completely missed before is the fact that Ruse had been completely unhinged for quite a while now.

Specifically, at least since 2006, when he, having corresponded with Daniel Dennett for some time,  sent the said correspondence in its entirety to William Dembski without as much as informing Dennet, least of all asking for his permission.

WTF, Ruse? Are you out of your miiiind? Because this isn’t something a normal person does, but a troll? A typical message board wanker? A deranged fanboy? Yes, absolutely. Definitely, any time.

Dembski, a RL troll and a kook extraordinaire, swiftly published the correspondence at the Uncommon Descent website. The thing is, if anything, it shows that Ruse is an unhinged arsehole, and certainly not that Dennett is wrong. Or a wanker. Or rude. Or a mean hater. Or whatever it was meant to show. I mean:

I am a full professor with tenure at a university known chiefly for its prowess on the football field, living out my retirement years in the sunshine,  I have no reputation to preserve, and frankly can say and do whatever the f**k I want to without sinking further.

Well played, Ruse, well played!

Or, you know,  not.

It only made me want to read Dennett, now.

  1. czescjacek says:

    Well admit at least that you had to look up “disrepute”.

  2. czescjacek says:

    I’ll pray for thee.

  3. wait, where did that last quote come from? Was that something from the Ruse/Dennett correspondence? And if so, who said it and why?

  4. okay the page loaded and I was able to read the exchange. I had gotten the impression the quote was supposed to be from Dennett but it much more logically belongs to Ruse who, wow, completely implodes in his e-mail and then sends it off to his putative enemy. And there’s nothing remotely embarrassing Dennett says in the exchange. It’s all Ruse shooting himself in the foot really.

    • Seriously. I had to re-read the whole thing twice, because I was absolutely certain that Dennett must have said something terrible somewhere, for Ruse to react like that. But no! Not only was it Ruse who came off like a complete ass, he also apparrently thought it was Dennett who came off like an ass, ’cause he handed the e-mails to Dembski (which in itself is totally disturbing). Basically, I’ve no idea what he even was thinking anymore.

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