Oh, internets, nevar change!

Posted: November 11, 2009 in internets
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An interesting exchange in a far away corner of the internets I found this morning:

If I hated the original Romeo and Juliet, will I like the new Romeo X Juliet? I hear it’s very different so it might be different enough that I’ll actually enjoy it. But if it’s “for the fans”, then I want to know to pass on this one.

And the reply:

I hated the play too. The language was beautiful to me, but the main characters were a bit too 2-Dimensional and a lot of their actions made me crazy.

I was completely shocked at how much I loved this anime. Every single character is more fleshed out and interesting, and the women don’t just sit there making the situation worse. In fact, Juliet kicks ass.

I just finished it, and highly recommend a watch with the english dub. The voice actors did a great job.

This is all my opinion though. *^^*

Ah, internets, you’re so cute(1)! Nevar change.

(1) I mean, “ah, internets, you’re so cute!!!!!! o^__^o”.

  1. Ausir says:

    The “you’re” in “ah, internets, you’re so cute!!!!!! o^__^o” looks out of place. “ur so cute” would be better.

    • This is actually a dilemma. A trilemma, even.
      I mean, the commenters above are sort of articulate. Just, huh, not very, um, bright. So it wouldn’t be entirely fair to write “ur”. Having decided it would be unfair, I wanted to write “your” instead of “you’re”, as some people are wont to do, but then, somebody would surely catch the typo, so. So, I erred on the side of caution!

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