Atheists are rational *cackle*

Posted: November 18, 2009 in atheism, ignorant stereotyping
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But guys, just labelling yourself  “rational” will not make you magically rational. It takes effort! Critical thinking! And atheists are no more rational than theists – safe for one thing, which is the existence of gods.

Let’s take a look at this pretty discussion first.

(To get the obvious ad hominem out of the way first, yes, I do believe Sunsara Taylor is a bloody annoying kook. She’s siding with Chairman Mao on the cultural revolution, which means, hullo thar, history denialism. But I’m obviously brain-washed by capitalist propaganda, so.

It doesn’t matter how cute the utopia you intend to kill people for is. It still sucks. Deniers of cultural revolution are  exactly as stupid and odious as Catholics who deny that the Inquisition was such a bad thing – and moreover, is further proves that communism is just like another arseholeish monotheistic religion(1).)

So, what we have here is:

1) Comment 3’s got a false analogy (communism is just like racism).

2) Conspiracy theorizing in the fourth one. Well, for the first time, anyway.

3) Verbal diarrhoea mentioning verbal diarrhoea in comment 7. All this because anti-communist fear-mongering worked on this “rational” individual. Communists aren’t scary. They’re just stupid and/or silly and/or drunk and/or wrong and/or denialists. Also, this was so not the point.

4) Irrational tribal behaviour in comment 14.

5) Comment 27’s got “I’ve personally never heard of somebody, so this means people can’t use Google”.

And I only picked out the first instances of everything, not all of it.

Just proclaiming that you’re rational will not make you rational, guys. You’ve got to think, too.

(I mean, I sort of do understand how hard it is to think clearly when faced with a person who encourages denying genocide, but, well, yeah. Let’s not stoop to her level.)

(Those who are still sceptical about the inaccuracy of a the ‘atheists are no less irrational than non-atheists’ hypothesis should maybe realise, like right now, that Sunsara Taylor is an atheist, too(2))

ETA: Look what I found! Ew!

1) I mean:

“I have a very important book: the Bible/the Capital. I strongly believe this book can teach us very important  things about humanity, and how to make it better. It might be a bit difficult now, but in the end communism/Christianity will prevail, and we will all live in heaven/communist utopia”.

(2) OTOH, it could be argued that communists can’t be atheists at all. It’s certainly worth looking into, ’cause I like the no true Scotsman fallacy (what can I say; I’m an atheist! I’m rational!), and also, I’d really love to vote them off the atheist island. For real. I mean, fucking denialists (3).

(3) OTOH, Christians have Jesus, Muslims Allah, and ST’s got Bob Avakian. Tried to read his biography on Wiki, but fell asleep. And anyway, I’m an atheist, so I’m rational, so it’s not like I need any pesky facts to make an argument, pah. If you’re still interested in the biography, I feel compelled to warn you that it might just be a bit longer than Darwin’s, and certainly is much less interesting (see: blather, waffle)


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