Moar trolling!

Posted: November 23, 2009 in atheism, facts, gay marriage, homophobia, ignorant stereotyping, lgbt
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11. It’s a sin and/or it’s immoral.

a) Why?

a) 1. If 10 then proceed to 1o a)

a) 2. If something else proceed being as verbally abusive as you like.

The aim of this trolling strategy is to have the bigot waste as much of their time/resources as possible for trying to explain to you why gayness is wrong/immoral. Remember, they could be doing something productive!


12. Sexuality is about inserting a peg (man) into a hole (woman). The gays just don’t get that.

a) Is it really (insert as many as graphic examples as possible)?

b) Gay men and women can also insert things into things (insert as many as graphic examples as possible).

c) Link to Savage Love.

Bonus: if eye-to-eye: you can cackle ominously.

The goal is to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible. First, the will get used to what you’re saying sooner or later. Also, it’s fun to watch them splutter.


13. Being gay is a lifestyle.

a) Why?

Bonus a): The Bible says nothing about homosexuality being a lifestyle.

Extra score: The Bible has no word for “lifestyle”. Jesus said nothing about any sort of “lifestyle”.

b) So what?

c) Being a fuckwit is a lifestyle, too, and I don’t see you discriminating against fuckwits(1).

d) Define “lifestyle”.


14. Gays need to get right with God.

a) Why?

b) Which one?

c) We will. Later. When we’re not busy having gay sex with each other.

d) Define “getting right”.

e) How do you get right with something that doesn’t exist at all?

f) What if they don’t want to?


15. Gays are sexual predators who want our children.

a) Christians are sexual predators who want the children.

b) For centuries, Catholic priests have been busy wanting our children. Fortunately for the children, we now have Priest-Off.

c) Also, this is so obviously a lie I feel a much more efficient allocation of my time would consist of using it to  listen to Albanian techno instead of debunking this little pathetic piece of homophobic propaganda.

d) Children are delicious. Esp. with wasabi.


(10 moar left!)

(But you can troll now!)


(1) I couldn’t possibly tell why.




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