A tragic story of a morning call!

Posted: January 28, 2010 in life
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Today, la flat mate was supposed to wake me up awake, because while I have no problems waking up, I do have problems staying awake after turning off all the alarm clocks.

Anyway, flat mate was too lazy to get up so she called me.

Flat mate: *Rings*

Sendai: *Picks up* *mutters profanities* ‘Tak, słucham?’

Flat mate: Wha?

Sendai: *realizes a foreign language is needed* ‘Moshi moshi?’

Flat mate: ‘Whaaa?’

Sendai: *realizes she picked the wrong foreign language* *hasn’t got sufficient brain power to process the request to pick the correct foreign language before first coffee* ‘Ugh, h-incomprehensible vowel-l-incomprehensible vowel?’

Flat mate: oh, just wake up now =_=

Sendai: *single tear* *wakes up*


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