And then everybody started wondering what the whitish goo on top was

Posted: February 20, 2010 in links
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So, apparently there’s a Butch Bakery that only builds manly cupcakes for real men.

This cupcake is very manly. You can tell, because it has khaki top covering its manly filling (there are, like, 100 bad porn jokes I was tempted to make here, please appreciate my restraint)


Bah. My cupcakes are bloody badass with marzipan pink roses and glittery sugar stuffses and frilly pink stuff and sparkly icing and a LED unicorn on top topped by a pony.

These guys are just a bunch of ridiculous nerds with a silly if effective marketing strategy who re also really uncomfortable about their sexuality, that is, I mean, totes sissies. Do the cupcakes at least drink bear while scratching  their crotch and watching football and (insert moar ridiculous stereotypes here)? Can they use an AK-47  like a real manly uniform-clad cupcake would?  Can they smell a Barbie doll from 100 m distance and vomit Bailey’s in a manly manner to express their manly disdain? Have they or have they not ever observed a My Little Pony in its natural habitat and shot it on sight? Can they use a screwdrivers  without messing up their filling?

No,  I thought not.

Also, butch? Really, guys? Really?

That is to say, I snorted.

(via BoingBoing)


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