Bob the Tiny Grey Person had a mental breakdown, so it’s only me this time, sorry

Posted: February 24, 2010 in racism, wtf?
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Bob the Tiny Grey Person is still suffering from Acute Cognitive Dissonance after reading that:

“(…)many assumed that the election of Barack Obama was the beginning of a period of post-racialism, a time when the politics of identity had lost some of its corrosiveness.”

in an article about an article about racial issues in Vogue, which said (the second article, hurr hurr) that POC are systematically underrepresented in Vogue. As a result of that criticism:

“In fact, Joanna Douglas, the writer of the piece, received a number of the threatening e-mail messages after the post was picked up by white supremacist sites and sources at the site say that the police have been contacted and an arrest is pending.” [emphasis mine]

Do we get to have white supremacists in a post-racial period, Bob the Tiny Grey person asked no one in particular, and his mental circuits promptly rebooted themselves.

Rebooted themselves ten times.

He’s been catatonic since then.

Anyway! The brave avant-garde of the fashion industry itself themselves again in its unending pursuit of douchebaggery, edginess and equal starvation for all women:

Painting a white model black? Still blackface, still epic fail, episode 12357252

(source, with some moar faily blackface photos)

(via UFB)

ETA: added tags *facepalm*


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