Posted: March 14, 2010 in nice things
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As I said, nice things!

The police  in NJ, US are looking for a knitter terrorist vandal, known as The Midnight Knitter (cue scary music).

As an amateur memeticist, I only have one question: Is s/he more like Eroica or Arsene Lupin?  Guys?

His/her handiwork:


ETA: This is probably the coolest yarn bombing gallery ever.

  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    we don’t get such cool street art here :( this is so awesome and so cosy. I’m surprised there are no photos from Japan in he gallery you linked to, I sort of expected they’d be into this kind of art.

    • Oh, they wouldn’t, in Japan :) But I have some cool photos from a vending machine that had, eh, sort of a subversive art-like sort of thing.
      Forgot to post them earlier, hmmm ^^;;;

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