For the sake of inter-cultural communication! Two anti-pope vids :D

Posted: March 25, 2010 in art, atheism
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1)  The German one: Sag JA zum Papst:


2) The French one. The French one is tricky, because it shows you a penis, and a condom, and the penis and the condom together. This is why we have to note that it is NSFW. It’s also about AIDS. This is why its says things about people dying. On the upside, it’s got English subtitles: Des majorettes dans l’espace:


  1. czescjacek says:

    Errrr what is that plump catholic creature? “Katholi”? WTF?

    • Yup.
      As a matter of fact, I watched some more parodies done in that programme, just to check whether they weren’t crazy about something else, like, GW (they weren’t).

      At first I thought that the “Katholi” thing was a minature host ^^J, but then in turned out it’s just a mascot they use every time they’re making fun of something, giving it the appropriate name (like, Medizini, when they’re making fun of the western doctors protesting raises for eastern doctors)

      So there.

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