Amanda Palmer would like to be (as successful as) Lady Gaga, but she can’t. This is because she’s made of fail and all that is wrong and ugly. This is why she’ll say some racist stuff about KKK to sound edgy instead

Posted: March 26, 2010 in racism, stupid people
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Guys! It’s morning.

I can tell it’s morning because I’ve only had two coffees, and therefore, the pesky clocks showing me it’s actually 3.12 pm can go and tick arrogantly somewhere else. But I digress!

It’s morning, 26 March 2010. This means an artist called Lady Gaga is currently very popular. Because of my continuing disinterest  in anything that isn’t awful, Petula Clark, more awful, and more awful than Petula Clark, I’m only vaguely aware that Lady Gaga is sort of pretty and wears pretty outfits.

But I digress.

The fact that Lady Gaga is popular means that people who aren’t me noticed her, too. It is actually sort of the point of the whole popularity thing. Some of those people are also much more interested in music than I am.

This can be achieved very easily.

But I digress.

One of those people is Amanda Palmer.  Amanda Palmer is a second-rate alternative (?) starlet who allegedly makes music. She would like to be Tori Amos, but can’t, because only Tori Amos can be Tori Amos. She would also like t be Lady Gaga, but can’t, so she goes for the second best thing, which is: being more edgy than Lady Gaga thus:

This is Amanda Palmer, spreading misinformation about how to be edgy. This is because she secretly wants her potential competitors to come off as gigantic bog-dwelling asswads

A brief analysis of Amamnda Palmer’s insightful tweet can show us two things:

1) She feels strongly about product placement.

2) She feels that her opinion about product placement needs to be expressed with a very poor metaphor that is in fact extremely offensive and upsetting to a lot of people whose friends and families have been killed, injured, threatened and terrorised by the members of the Klan over a period of many years. The metaphor is upsetting and offensive because none of those people, their friends, and families have ever been killed, injured, threatened and terrorised by product placement for being who they are.

Let me explain this with the aid of visual aids:

This is product placement:

By pasting a gigantic photo of Lavazza coffee I am surreptitiously encouraging you to consume more caffeine. Please note how it doesn’t hurt, injure, kill or terrorise you nor your friends or family.

This is what the Klan does:

Note how there isn’t any product placement involved.

This is a rainbow:

Notice how there is no Amanda Palmer anywhere near it.

Also, sometimes a visual aid is worth more than ten thousand words (warning: images of racist violence)

  1. overstim says:

    wow, way to take a personal tweet from one person directed to another, out of context, and bash someone over the head with it. That’s classy journ-al-ism right there.

    • Cool story, bro!

      (Also, I’m not a journalist)

      • Jack says:

        That much is obvious.

      • george blakeney 2 says:

        god dam.i am sooooooooooo begins at forty but things don’t go at a normal speed when you wake up after years of self abuse alcohol and you know that i just now noticed that this blog is from 2010>?…..i just met a girl named michele.amanda is still big at freemont high.michelle should be writing to this blog if she’s not too emberassed to hang out online with a senile old perv like george edward blakeneney.espearnza,corrine and siouxsie..i’m going to look for some blog activity on you guys….do you wanna gimme a call,siouxsie? call me at 213 215 3824.,.and sak for lisa.she’ll know where i am. she knows more about where i am than i do. in a bhagavadgita,babies

    • g.o. says:

      actually it’s relevant timely,and is very uh,let’s see who is the real occupy amanda versus debbie page versus george blakeney.i told amanda about it.but i had to go to a precaution the very german (not gypsy) lady in question has barred the ascot branch in general from posting.amnda ‘s not an idiot,exactly.i knew she wouldn’t bannish the the spannish and balack power to the people city of fucking i went to watts, all fals into place.phil spector is running a prison gang called k’s like a rainbow.but like the previous genius blurts…amanda palmer is too busy getting clear or ot or whatever she is spending all of her valuable time and money ‘getting’ from scientology.stand’s tiime for kora(kevin) bivens to take the mic.take it,kora

      • g.o.b.3 says:

        that said when you read the whole tweet it’s incredibly fucking funny.amanda palmer is the only scientologist i know who is actually funny.long sweaters are not funny.beck should say long vaginal lips.he’s white but he’s not my friend.amanda palmer is my only white friend.robert ipp is not my di angelistas singer is not mom is my friend but i’m black now,and we became guypsies in nineteen eighty three after a late night viewing of the movie angelo my love saved us both from our white kkk upbringing by way of gramps…rot in peace keneth burnly.amnda IS racist but no black will ever take her side over mine over any issue even when i;’m a sexist pig ..amanda is only dabbling in racial hatred becuase.amanda has NO black friends,,,i have watts..florence crenshaw miami cuba viva fidel and boy do watts crenshaw miami and viva fidel have me.corrine blailey rae and esperanza spadfing are my fans not amandas even when i think amandas a better musician than me…she is certainly better disciplined…but i do have that one great record.write to double dutch records everyone and demand a free copy of ‘george blakeney’ it’s my first ‘real’ record.ask carla bozulich for copies of my nineties and eighties stuff.oh,gasp

      • g.o.b.3 says:

        AS i have been going over my recent rants and not having seen any activity either here or in my email…i wondered if i should take a deep breath and stop being amanda palmer for a few minutes…or that is…a person full of a world with oone common delusion,that you are famously the most relevvant artist that everyone lived and every one is holding a copy of your autobiography under there arm,and ask there mom to kiss it for them when you tuck it under your pillow at nite before bed…fame is a dangerous delusion,no matter how famous you are,.,,,so hi everyone.i’m george blakeney.i’m relevant famous and reversably racist…i live near watts and i love everybody…especially the people i scientologists.and racists.and amanda palmer i’d like to go on and on but honestly without a little feedback,i feel like i’m spinning the bhagavadgita in reverse. iw ould like to have my own blog but i refuse to do the work it takes to get one…i look dam good on vimeo…i’m not friends with micheal stipe,and i love siouxsie sioux.does anyone feel friendly? frisky?.

      • g.o.b.3 says:

        opps …’that ever lived’ and their is the possesive form and i actually know this but i onl;y use the computer in fifteen minute spurts…i lost my library card and i owe too much money to get a new one.i’m pretty boring.but i am frisky.

  2. Jamie says:

    I will admit that the use of the kkk, could be very offensive, but your point of view of what Amanda Palmer said is highly misguided and taken very out of context. She was saying that it would be ironic product placement as something that is out of place, she is not in any way promoting anything. This thought process doesn’t insinuate anything that you have suggested. I hope that one day you could see why, but sadly I don’t think you will take the time at all to consider what she may have said, instead you will choose to bash her and judge her, hmmmm…. I wonder what type of mentality that resembles? And knowing your thought process (by the way I might be judging you, I might be wrong, and I am actually willing to consider a different point of view) you will think my question insinuates the KKK, which it doesn’t, it refers to idiots.

    • Yeah, because Amanda Palmer is such a speshul snowflake and intent is magic.

      Oh wait, no. As a matter of fact, Amanda Palmer herself did show in one of her next tweets how to be ironic about KKK. Namely, like in the Jerry Springer The Opera, you make fun of them by, for instance, making a burning cross fall on their leader, and <em<not by telling people how ~*EDGY*~ it would be to give them money.

      I’m not insinuating anything. It walks like a duck, quacks quack quack quack.

  3. J.C. says:

    You have put it beautifully, my friend. Amanda Palmer can’t act, sing or play music and for some bizarre and unfathomable reason has decided to make it a career. The only thing left for Amanda Palmer is stripping her clothes off and making moronic scenes, or stringing disparate concepts together hoping to get some attention. Amanda Palmer is a repulsive idiot.

    • Well, I didn’t say she can’t act etc,and it’s completely irrelevanrt; ugly *edgy* behaviour is ugly *edgy* behaviour even if the behaving person plays violin better than anyone before them, BUT. About stripping her clothes off. She already did that, hurrhurr (slightly NSFW).

      • g.o.b. says:

        she is relevvant,she plays beautifully she is a vital part of me.i can’t read shakespeare but i am reading the bagavdita and thouroughly digesting it’s wonderous connections to true christianity like the simple fact that jesus christ the name is the union,arbitrarially miraculouisly on the part of the otherwise inept council of niicea to crewat a godhead for the catholic conspiracy already in place of the eastern druidic god HESUS and the eastern vedic lord supreme krishna.i am george blakeney and i look dam good on vimeo.i have ofetn caught myself falling into the smae narcistic trap that amanda has fallen into.i am at war with my former payee…i work for no money with my gypsy friends lisa and lupe and i have become a screaming baptist,by way of greaqter mount calvary church on main and sixty second,and i realise that i am rambling but like a said,me and amanda are basically the same organism,so think what you will of us.we like you guys and we hope you like us too.over and out.go see a man at the….i was having terrible dreams last nite and he fixed them…reconcile wioth your fear of scientolgy,obey your mother(within reason) …and see if a

  4. […] “Amanda Palmer would like to be (as successful as) Lady Gaga…” by Sendai Anonymous, also about “The Klan Thing” (March 26). […]

  5. Mest says:

    Amanda Palmer is a scientologist.

    Neil Gaiman is underwriting Scientology. The Scientologists list Neil Gaiman in the Cornerstone Newsletter along with Mary Gaiman, as contributing $35,000.00 in 2009. Being listed in the Cornerstone Newsletter means you are in good-standing with the cult.

    In 2010, Mary Gaiman was awarded the “Gold Humanitarian Award” for her contribution of $500,000.00 to Scientology. This is significant because Mary Gaiman continues to be Neil Gaiman’s business partner in The Blank Corporation, which is now Neil Gaiman’s Scientology front and how he pays the cult.

    Gaiman is also the “Vitamin Heir” of Scientology. The Gaiman family owns G&G Vitamins which reaps 6 million a year from selling The Purification Rundown Vitamins.

    Gaiman’s two sisters, Claire Edwards and Lizzie Calciole are not just high-ranking Scientologists, they are the head of RECRUITING and the head of Wealden House, the Scientology stronghold in East Grinstead. These two cannot associate with Neil unless he is in good standing.

    Amanda Palmer would not be allowed anywhere near this royal family of Scientology unless she was also a Scientologist.

    • geporge bliizakes aliveney says:

      oh mi god.scientology is nothing more than a front for george blakeney and daniel johnsons mass conspiracy to dominate pop culture in los feliz watts and well,yeah,word press.thanhks kora bivens k11 and ellison anderson aka matters little that she is a scientoliogist.i nam george blakeny,and scientology owes me a lot of little hints in otherwise clear put statements placed ironicailly or not next to celines stinky pink 15 year old(here i am signed sealed deliverd im not yours im hep c positive so no celine keep your ugly short jealous boyfriiend you look good to gether when you smooch like bob dylan circa 64 and ok enough.i said it to her face.yes i’m a perv but i n=know what i mntot gonna do.i have no idea what i am doing.but you’ve all got a pink ukele coming just keep comin out to show them gimme that old time religion box.this makes very little semnse and the effect is pissed off to the point of being irrartional.amnda opaler is anti george blakeney.anti captian beefheart strictly npersoinal,and she has greatly under estimated the occupy watts movement circa occupy la,and she has abused my rights in short she is racist whitey gross and her vagina has lost it’s stink.that’s a baaaaaaaaddd thing have grossly abused and neglected the rights of debbie page daniel johnson and george blakeney.take what’s left o yer crappy carreer and go fin jsenny and ac in heaven.where your anot going hi jeanine..ok watts is hell. florence is jheaven yay fuck amanda palmer debbie page strictly personal my little buddy celine and the aborigines are way cooler than you amanda. you are NOT a gyppsy.and you are started to resemble a female pig

      • amanda NOT,just george.and debbie. says:

        and,thank you james owens aka kazual kazh and tell richard arias dorm fiftey four has twenty bucks a comin,and dam,i look good on vimeo.over and out,signed,george blakeney

  6. Dude says:

    Jeezus H Christmas. It was a joke. In no way does it support or even PRETEND to support the Klan.

    How impaired does anyone need to be to get this?

    And this business about her ‘wishing’ she were some other person, well, she just doesn’t.

    All around, very dumb stuff.

    I’m more embarrassed for you than her.

    • says:

      KANDY KORN.KEYSTONE KOPS .KORA,kevin BIVENS.KLOWN KOLLEGE.KAZUAL KAZH.11 11 11 WAS THE DAY I StARTED occupy watts,circa occupy la.amanda refuses to talk about any of these,and she deletes any post from no excuse bars any one posting from this library on florence near enough to watts to get on a blue line to long beach and see tam,the magical black bird that lives on top of tower number two,.she refers to her labia reduction as an antler defanging etcetera 672 equals for george blakeney evelyn is,also,gorge allways the question with amanda or beck or any well known scientoliogist.what are you getting at,,DEAR.OR AS debbie would say.what ARE YOU on about…,deer

      • g.o. says:

        so,in short kk(klown kollege,la county,k~11 is a~ recently as 200? mycell mate at chino also my anal sex slave demetrius macray was visiting the grave of his relative s with his wife and daughter.he’s in tears and kneeling and his two year old daughter is wandering,as two year olds will he gets up to a standing position he sees that his two year old daughter is being held by a hooded figure,with three otheer hoded figures.this is not 1923 and were not talking about bessie smith.well demetrius says ‘ i tokk the risj of accidentally shooting my own daughter. i shot all three of those motherfuckers dead.’…scientology is a german masonic(kkk) homosexual (anti homosexual)anti mary baker eddy cult.that’s scientology BAD.scientology GOOD also really digs george blakeney and daniel johnston and has an incredible sweet spot for homeless folks in silverlake and los feliz.the real amanda has a sister named evelyn.she’s just faking a all go and do the math.i’s basic addition and subtraction

  7. Simon says:

    The Internet works both ways. Amanda Palmer’s constant narcissistic drone has led to a backlash. Palmer is thoughtless and shallow, and as she makes racist remarks about the Klan or sexts pictures of herself across the web, people are offended. Just read the comments on the latest Spin article, vilifying Palmer.

  8. ? says:

    Who the hell is Amanda Palmer?

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