(Because I have to take a break. Pshaw, internet forms, pshaw. Especially if they’re really stupid pdfs that need to be filled out FAIL and sent to like five different secretaries HUMANITY WHAT’S WRONGH WITH YOU *HATES*)

1. Hipster racism – I think this post very articulately sums up what people like Amanda Palmer do.

2. Female astronauts! PRETTY!

3. Goerge Takei in uniform, Brad Altman in a tinfoil, uh, headdress.

It was the tinfoil that totally sold the vid to me.

4. No aliens at Area 51. WO must be terribly disappointed (hurr hurr).

5.  10 Dinge die Sie nicht tun sollten beim Gottesdienst (Ten things you shouldn’t do during a mess)

5, 7, 8 = cool, but the transphobia in 6, not so much.

(Incidentally, this is the first vid that pops out if you search YT for “Gottesdienst”, hurr hurr)

6. Hilarious April Fool’s posts:

6a. by CERN:

“It’s awful”, explains Alain Grand, still shocked by the discovery. “It left horrible tracks inside the detector that made the physicists on duty at the time feel quite sick”.

6b.  via Language Log, the best story of the year: Doctorow and Stross to Write Authorized Sequel to Atlas Shrugged

“But then we realized that both of us shared one important trait with Ayn Rand: all three of us really, really like money. That made it much easier for Cory and I to cash the seven figure check.”

Hurr hurr hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

6c. Silent no longer.

7.  A very insightful post about framing reading books as a moral issue. While I dislike books like the Twilight series as the next sentient person, I also believe that arguing that they ARE BAD FOR THE CHILDRUNZ will get us nowhere. I mean, when you’re a 11 year old, you simply don’t notice stuff like sexism they way you notice it, say, even ten years later. I mean, I do know I would have hated Twilight even as a 11-year old, but only because it was boring, also romance, also boring.  I was into Tolkien and Philip K. Dick when I was 11.

(OTOH, I think Justine Larbalesier goes on a crusade against strawmen when she argues that the issue of reading versus going to play outside is some sort of a problem. I seriously doubt there are parents telling their kids to not go outside to play BECAUSE BOOKS. C’mooooooon)

8. The “new written language” thing everybody and their cousin’s talking about. Seems like a load of bullshit to me, haven’t had the chance to look at the actual paper yet, though.

  1. The Hipster Racism article is maddeningly short on any evidence or concrete examples to anchor rather strong claims.

    • Yeah, it is. But, I don’t think she’s trying to point fingers so much as trying to write about a rhetorical strategy where a behaviour is racist only if it’s downright evil and vile, like violence, cross-burning and such. It can be easily linked to a plethora of derailing strategies, like “Oh, don’t be so humourless, you just enjoy being offended, and why’re you so angry, and also, I didn’t mean this super cool joke in a racist way” and stuff.
      The bit about actual “hipster” communities and gentrification was, imho, more than a bit unfair, because she really doesn’t give any data to back up this claim. To be fair, this would be sort of difficult, because you’d have to actually gather data (conversations) where those people speak about racism; not something you can do without an actual research project. On the other hand, there’s lots of freely available data on the internet, but there’s no auxiliary data you’d normally have when doing a survey (income, big/small city, education etc), so it’s more or less useless, apart from as an indicator that that sort of attitude is quite common, but you can’t tell exactly where in a concrete sense. But the sort of attitude where some is being dusmissively racist can arguably be labelled “hipster”.

      But yeah, I do agree that connecting gentrification and racist jokes is quite a stretch.

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