Atheist Easter, a recipe:

Posted: April 5, 2010 in atheism
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1) one A la recherche du temps perdu by Marcel Proust <– for Sendai to read

2) one The Greatest Show on Earth(1), Polish edition <— for Sendai’s mum to read

3) one Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy <— for Sendai’s dad to read

4) three laptops <— for Sendai’s younger brothers to held a LAN party. Caution! Remember always to hide Sendai’s laptop first.

5) one cheesecake <– to feed the crazy old aunt

6) on blanket <— for grandmother, when she fells asleep

7) internet connection <— just in case

Stir until not crazy, serve with eggs(2) and coffee(3).

(1) Yes, it was very fortunate that I ACCIDENTALLY TOTALLY ACCIDENTALLY spotted it in a bookshop.

(2) Sendai could do without the eggs, though. But noooo, eggs are TRADITIONAL, you see *grumble*

(3) Crazy aunt was really crazy this time; she was alternatively cooing at Sendai, exhorting her to Pursue a Poetry Writing Career(4), cooing at one of her younger brothers, and trying to make another of Sendai’s younger brothers meet her friend’s granddaughter who has a great job and could support Sendai’s brother forever WTF I DON’T EVEN.

This meant that Sendai needed a lot of coffee. And naps.

(4) Sendai knows her limitations v. well. Also, her disinterest in poetry is v. striking, and only comparable to her disinterest in sewing.


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