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I’m so frustrated.

1. I started reading Atram-hasis for a seminar. I have about 300 lines in transliteration, and about 40 lines translated with commentary.

I thought: well, maybe 40 is going to be a bit of an overkill, it’s the first seminar, we’ll most likely only do like 20 lines or so.

We finished 9 (NINE). I almost fell asleep.

2. I had some stuff to read. We were asked to prepare thoughtful questions about the text. Consequently, I spent several hours wracking my brain in order to produce a couple of thoughtful questions that could lead to brilliant discussion thing or something.

Most of the questions other people had were about a metaphor they didn’t understand.

I thought I’d die, but only in the short bouts of paralysing boredom between me trying to fell asleep, and me sleeping.

3.  People keep spying on me when I read, and asking me “WOW IS THIS CHINESE/JAPANESE? WOW!!1!!”. Yes, it is, HOW SENSATIONAL, now shut up and die D:

4. We were reading an Old Assyrian letter. After the first cognitive dissonance of “wow, the people who actually got the transliteration/translation stuff on time, and therefore finished their homework, actually are reading something that is not written there at all, how is that even possible???”, it turned out that they were indeed reading something that wasn’t there at all, because they DON’T THINK D: D: D: D: How you convince yourself to believe that YES THREE LARGE CUNEIFORM CHARACTERS CAN TOTES FIT IN THIS TINY 3-MM SPACE TOTES is completely beyond me.

Oh, and we spent an hour getting to that. I wanted to die.

5. Linguistics seminar, brilliant young MA thing asks the prof if she could recommend a book about linguistic terminology, because she didn’t know what “analytic” means.


#W$U%^&%& Why do I even try  D: D: D: D:


  1. pillowscrapbook says:

    it sounds terrible, hang in there!!

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