Fundamentalism 2/? (India)

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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For anyone who is interested in the genesis of fundamentalist movements in India and Pakistan, Deepa Mehta’s film Earth is an obvious recommendation; for anybody else it should be interesting because of the mostly non-Western perspective on fundamentalism it provides.

Relevant links:  partition of India / someone who can actually write reviews / trailer

I would have liked to add something more, but today I listened to a guy who witnessed and survived the “population displacement” (displacement, how innocuous) in 1947, and my ability to convey rage anything articulately is severely limited.

* Deepa Mehta is also the director of Water and Fire, which are also great films. This has nothing to do with fundamentalism, though (well, only as much as Deepa Mehta has been continuously criticised by fundamentalist).


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